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Rilaksteeper Pants BEIGE

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color: Beige (050)


Simple but modern and functional Rilaksteeper pants. The design point is a side line that depicts a gentle curve inspired by NAGIE's "Nagi". Realizes comfortably with a slightly deeper tack in the front. It is finished with a cutting that is hard to feel the stuffy part of the inseam when worn. Prevents stuffiness with the "chrysanthemum hole" specification made around the thighs. It also features the hem of the front curve that prevents the hem from hitting the instep when wearing shoes. The pocket uses a mesh lining to give a refreshing feeling. The inside of the right pocket has a built -in keychain mounting hook. The back pocket does not open the mouth of the pocket even if you put an object. In addition to 4WAY stretch, it has a water -repellent function, and the material uses recycled polyester.

Number of plastic bottles used: 21
Recycling rate: 63%  

Male model: 180cm
Wearing size: L size

Male model: 177cm
Wearing size: L size

Male model (face -cut/background gray): 176cm
Wearing size: L size

* The color may differ from the actual product.
Waist 68 72 76 80
Momo (Watari) 36 37.2 38.6 39.8
Rise 23.2 24.2 25.2 26.2
inseam 66.3 68.3 70.3 72.3
Around the hem 32 33 34 35
Hip 100 104 108 112

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