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Shirt jacket (Calm Series)

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A beautiful shirt jacket with a supple texture and sophisticated design. With a soft skin and 4WAY stretch, you can respond to any movement without stress. A chic first place that shines not only as a styling as a haori, but also shines on a single item. Rolling the armholes makes it more stylish and comfortable to wear. It has a water -repellent function and is also active in the outdoor sports scene. Recycled polyester and recycled button have been adopted.

Male model (location shooting): 180cm
Wearing size: (Black) L size, (Gray) M size

Male model (facial cut/background gray): 178cm
Wearing size: (Black) L size

Female model (location shooting): 165cm
Wearing size: (Gray) M size, (khaki) S size

Female model (face cut) (face cut/background gray): 168cm
Wearing size: (khaki) S size

* The color may differ from the actual product.
Length 67.5 70 72.5 75 77.5
Tag 50 53 56 59 62
Sleeve length 79 82 85 88 91

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■ Sustainability
Fabric: Playback polyester

■ Fabric Processing/Function
4way Stretch
Easy care

■ Composition
Body: Revitalization polyester 75% / Polyester 25%
Fabric: Calm Series

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About Product

"I want to use every day, all -round jacket"

The NAGIE shirt jacket, made of 4WAY Stretch's elastic material, is a piece that can be used as a shirt or jacket by opening and closing the neck button, as the name suggests.

It is a casual accent while supporting the movement of Nagie's unique draping that does not create an armhole.

The front buttons are not visible from the outside when closed, and are easy to match not only with setup but also with everyday pants.

Water -repellent processing is effective and supports hard scenes. Washing in a washing machine is possible (dryer NG), and it does not cause wrinkles to the wrinkles no matter how many times you wash it, accelerates your heavy rotation.

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Product Care Instructions.