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Smooth stretch T -shirt

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A T -shirt with a sophisticated design and excellent functionality. With a moderate thickness and elegant fabric, even one piece becomes good. It has a quick -drying function that is easy to move by eliminating the armholes and is happy when sweating. The logo design of the back, which is imagined from Nagi, a symbol of the brand, is also a point. I used 100%recycled polyester.

Model men (location shooting): 180cm
Wearing size: (White) L size

Model Men (Facial Cutting/Background Gray): 178cm
Wearing size: (Black) LL size

Model (Bo Women's Heart Shooting): 165cm
Wearing size: (Black) M size

Model Women (Facial Cutting/Background Gray): 168cm
Wearing size: (White) XS size

* The color may differ from the actual product.
Length 59.5 62.5 67.5 70 72.5
Tag 48 51 57 60 63
Sleeve length 46 48 52 54 56
shoulder width 56 58 62 64 66


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■ Sustainability
Fabric: Playback polyester

■ Fabric Processing/Function
Quick -drying water absorption

■ Composition
Body: 100% playback polyester
Fabric: Smooth Stretch

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About Product

"Simple, wide"

It is a material with water absorption and quick -drying function. NAGIE's unique three -dimensional cutting is a casual fashion point.

The logo inspired by the back of the back is also characteristic.

The size is also available from XS to LL, and it is also recommended to wear over size.

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Product Care Instructions.