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Button Kara Shirt (Calm Series)

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A simple button color shirt that can be worn on and off. It has water repellency and 4WAY stretch, and is a functional item that is nice for active scenes. Adopts a wing tailoring, and a sophisticated design with an adult atmosphere. Modern switching without armholes is also improved. We use recycling polyester and recycling buttons.

17  Plastic Bottles Are USED
71% Recycling Ratio

Male model (location shooting): 180cm
Wearing size: (Black) L size, (Gray) M size

Male model (facial cut/background gray): 178cm
Wearing size: (Black) L size

Female model (location shooting): 165cm
Wearing size: (Gray) M size, (khaki) S size

Female model (face cut) (face cut/background gray): 168cm
Wearing size: (khaki) S size

* The color may differ from the actual product.
Length (before/later) 59.5/62.5 62.5/65.5 67.5/70.5 70/73 72.5/75.5
Tag 48 51 57 60 63
Sleeve length 48 48 52 54 56
shoulder width 56 58 62 64 66

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■ Sustainability
Fabric: Playback polyester

■ Fabric Processing/Function
4way Stretch
Easy care

■ Composition
Body: Revitalization polyester 75%
Fabric: Calm Series

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About Product

"Simple, high quality"

A shirt that stands out with the texture of NAGIE's unique draping and high -quality material by making a minimal specification without adding a function such as a pocket.

Whether you combine it with a jacket or wear it with one piece, it will be formal. By matching with the same material tapered jogger (Calm Series), it is also used in sports scenes and golf.

The color is also available in four colors, so you can change it to the usage scene and add color to enjoy the change.

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Product Care Instructions.