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Privacy policy

Mitsubishi Corpotation Fashion Co., Ltd., NAGIE Brand (hereinafter referred to as "the brand"), follows the  Privacy Policy  (hereinafter referred to as "the company policy") of Mitsubishi Corporation Fashion Co., Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as "the company")   and establishes this "Privacy Policy for the 'NAGIE' Brand" (hereinafter referred to as "brand policy") regarding the handling of personal information specific to our brand.

The brand handles and uses personal information of customers and other users (hereinafter collectively referred to as "customers, etc.") who entrust us with their information through the "NAGIE Brand website" and other means, with utmost care and in accordance with our basic policy and this policy.

Please note that we handle personal information in a responsible manner, ensuring its confidentiality, proper usage, and appropriate sharing, following the guidelines set forth in the company policy and brand policy.

"Personal information of customers is used for purposes related to NAGIE brand product and our business, and shall not be used out of extent necessary scope of purpose of use without consent of customers.

(1) Member registration or registration information management of customers, etc.
(2) Order, manufacture, shipment, billing, payment settlement of NAGIE brand products, etc.
(3) Contact regarding inquiries, returns, exchanges, etc., after-sales service, and other NAGIE brand products, etc.
(4) Information on campaigns, questionnaires, special offer programs, and various events (including by e-mail)
(5) Information on other brands, products, services, etc. of the Company (including by e-mail)
(6) Use for product development, marketing research and analysis, statistical data creation, and auditing
(7) Exercise of rights and fulfillment of obligations based on contracts, laws, etc.
(8) Other communications related to the Company's business

In our brand, we may entrust the handling of personal data to other businesses within the necessary scope to achieve the intended purposes of use. In such cases, we establish selection criteria for the entrusted parties and ensure appropriate management by confirming the information management system of the entrusted parties in advance.

Please note that providing data to entrusted parties does not constitute provision to third parties.

If  the brand receives notifications, disclosures (including records of third-party disclosures), requests for correction, requests for suspension of use, requests for deletion, or any inquiries or complaints regarding the handling of personal information, as well as questions related to anonymized or pseudonymized information, we will promptly respond within a reasonable scope through the contact information provided below.

For requests such as disclosures, we kindly ask that you provide documents to confirm your identity as the requester, as well as submit the request form specified by the company. Additionally, please note that we may request a reasonable fee for processing the request, as well as any postage or other actual expenses incurred. We appreciate your understanding in advance.

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TEL : 03-6757-3070