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An environment that changes drastically, an opaque situation,
Every day when it is difficult to live together.

Everyday, where the distance between nature and people moves away,
A beautiful earth lost.

And in a busy everyday life
Feeling that the mind and body are separated.

In such an environment, some of you
What kind of changes were there every day?
And how the change colors your daily life,
Did it affect the surroundings?

"To Nagi" = nagie = Nagihe

What we think is like "Nagi"

I want to provide a kick that I can have.
At that moment to "Nagi", everyday
NAGIE items are snuggling.

First of all, as an extraordinary life, I intentionally rest
The moment you go to "Nagi".
The daily life changes as it becomes a habit.

The moment you move your body dynamically,

A moment when you static breathing consciously.
I will face all of them.

“Lile a Calm, Like You”
"Like a calm, like you"

Three circulation philosophy,
And raise "Like A Calm, Like You",
For us, a new challenge begins.

You can feel "calm" for everyone,
Product, experience, ideal
I will pursue.


Recycling system

Recycling system

The resources are not reduced, and the possibilities are exposed.

Before the plastic bottle causes marine pollution as a micro plastic, it tailor it into clothes and change its shape.

NAGIE items use recycling materials centered on playback PETs at high ratio.

In addition, we are collecting unnecessary clothes and making use of new clothes as resources such as clothes.

By not only producing products using regenerative fibers and fabrics, but also by looking forward to recovery and reusing, we will re -use existing resources and "circulation between people and the global environment". I will aim for.

Made to Order


A structure that does not cause mass production and mass disposal.

It is different from manufacturing based on disposal and sale, and in NAGIE, we will make a limited quantity "limited order -to -order".

After ordering, we will take a form of waiting for customers for about a month, but we aim to make clothes in an appropriate employment environment while maintaining the timing and amount of production.

And, during the period until the clothes can be reached, please be excited and wait for you, cherish your first clothes and use it for a long time.

We will face the task of mass production and mass disposal with such thoughts.

Good for Mind

Good for Mind

To deliver the finest comfort.

At the moment of wearing clothes, will the future be brightly illuminated?
“Good for Mind”
"Soning people's sensitivity leads to sustainability."
NAGIE prepares items designed for you who live in the present age, assuming a variety of scenes.

The material of the clothes required for that.

While considering comfort, elasticity, and functionality using regeneration materials
An original material developed independently.
Wrap the body and invite to Nagi.

Not only is it kind to the earth, but it also delivers items that resonate with sensitivity, including comfort.
We believe that it will be a sustainable initiative to enrich people's hearts.


“Behind The Product”