Meet, never
Gorgeous fashion
Not only the world
do you know?

Your favorite clothes are
Until it arrives at hand,
And then I was released,
Actually, it affects the earth.
By all means, I'm up now
I want you to know the reality of the clothes.

  • Now it's natural, a mass production and mass disposal of clothes.

    In the twentieth century, mass production, mass consumption of various industries, and large amounts of environmental pollution have become a serious problem. Above all, the fashion industry is very serious, and in Japan, a year of 300 million clothes are produced a year, and half of the half of which half (1 million t) are incinerated or landfilled. Such a textile industry accounts for about 10% of CO2 emissions and consumes a large amount of water resources, "the second environmental pollution industry in the world", and in rich modern, producer and consumer It affects various issues surrounding.

  • Ocean pollution by plastic waste that is continuing to be disposable.

    Ocean pollution by plastic waste that is continuing to be disposable.

    Plastics can be produced inexpensively, and from the versatility, it is widely used, including packaging, packaging, and cases, focusing on products. Also in fashion, polyester fibers account for about 60% of all aparel. However, many are discarded and spilled, most of which will finally come to the "sea". According to the global economic forum, plastic waste that is already present in the sea in the world is about 150 million tons. In 2050, plastic production is about 4 times, and "the amount of marine plastic waste exceeds the fish in the sea" is presented.

  • Problems of producers and workers who are awake around the world.

    Ocean pollution by plastic waste that is continuing to be disposable.

    In April 2013, a composite building "Lana Plaza" with multiple sewing factories in Bangladesh collapsed, and more than 1100 deaths, accident of a catastrophe that issues more than 2500 injured people. In this building, this building repeatedly ignored seismic resistance, and even the day before the accident, although cracks cracked in the building were discovered, it turns out that the owner of the building was ignoring the warning. It is also said that it is an accident factor. Such unfair working environments and low wages involved in it are the entire apparel industry, and these tragedy are not limited to Rana Plaza.

Fashion and people and society coexisted,
Over the earth, protect the earth,
Both will live towards Mirai.
How to think about future clothes.


Planning production of clothes by recycling and recycling materials, and unnecessary limited sale, and unnecessary clothes are recovered and recycled, next-generation sustainable fashion NAGIE set on the theme of "circulation".

This brand name born from the word "" has a mentally and mental and rich living in the "慌", "", and "", and between people and global environments Two thinking of making the world of a little "".

  • Sustainable
  • here we go,
    Together to you.

Not only giving tenderness to the earth,
Your sensibility and lifestyle
In order to make it sound and shine.


  • Recycling

    Resources do not decrease,
    I will get out of the possibility

    Recycled materials centered on regenerated polyester are used for all clothes. The fabric uses its own developed recycled material to reach accessories such as buttons. Products that have not been required are aimed at circulation of Earth resources by collaborating with Nagie partner companies to recover them and turn them into new resources.

  • Made To

    Mass production and mass disposal
    A mechanism and attempt to wake up

    Thinking of new production, sales and distribution of apparel, we aim to be transparency and economic rationality in the process. Implement a "limited order production method" based on a certain order amount, and the product has a serial number one by one. We clarified the nagie's attitude considered the Earth Mirai for the current apparel industry, which has been a large amount of production and mass disposal.

  • Good for

    It may sound for people's sensitivity
    Connect to sustainability

    Line-up items that assume a diverse wording scene from sports to business. The functionality is also particularly fascinated, such as "Packa" specification, water repellency, water absorption quick drying, which allows you to go to the scene. For the comfort and comfort, all products are made from the fabric. It is an apparel item that is suitable for you who live in the present age.


with you,
Fashion protecting the earth
I want to connect to the future.