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Casual jacket Navy

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color: Navy (077)


A casual jacket with 4WAY stretch material. The waist shape is not too strong, and it has been finished in a moderately relaxed adult silhouette. When the front is fastened with a soft and solid collar, it has a proper feeling, and it is attractive that it can be dressed casually when opened. There is a pocket with a pen insertion on the back of the left chest. It is a clean form that is hard to lose shape while making a single tailoring. It has a water -repellent function, and it is also a point to use recycled polyester.

Number of PET bottles used: 29
Recycling rate: 68%  

Male model: 180cm
Wearing size: L size

Male model: 177cm
Wearing size: L size

Male model (face -cut/background gray): 176cm
Wearing size: L size

* The color may differ from the actual product.
Length 67.5 69.5 71.5 73.5
Tag 47.2 51.2 55.2 59.2
Sleeve length 83.3 85.7 88.2 90.6
shoulder width 44.4 46.4 48.4 50.4


[Regarding order]

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・ For the size and color of the stock, you can order on the order production page. (Delivery in 5-6 weeks after ordering)



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