[TEST] NAGIE Journal Vol.4 Misaki Deoka

No.4 Misaki Deoka

An interview series that asks Ambassadors who support Nagie about his "sustainable life". First4The time is a model, andFertityWe approach Misaki Dewa's "sustainable life" who is active as a producer.

Choosing clothes that can be lightly expressed in your axis

Mr. Deoka, who has been wearing a fashion of her model and a lot of clothes, has been transmitting fashionable fun. Be aware of her eyes,SNSIt seems that there was a time when I was reluctant to put photos of the same clothes, but she said that she gradually changed her clothes.

"Now I'm really comfortable and I have just put only my favorite clothes near my side. Speaking of colors, I like black, white, and beige. Each choice makes it easier and live lightly. It became. I was conscious of the eyes of people, but it would be nice to have a solid axis. I noticed something better. "

Choosing something that was not essential that I was imposed on myself without knowing it. From there, to Mr. Deoka -san, who was released from there180It was her "running" that gave me a chance to change her.


Encounter with the running that became kind to her

20In the first half of her generation, she had a diet that she couldn't eat because she was easy to get fat, and she had a shortness of breath just by climbing the stairs of the station. She looks back on her past self that her body wasn't fine and she couldn't afford her heart. I started running without spending money to cut off her unhealthy chain.

"I couldn't praise myself until then, but I've been praised for myself since I started running. After running, my body, my head, and my head feel delicious, all of them are perfect. It is. It feels like life force has been born. "


What runs brought to Mr. Deoka is not the only change of the body. She was unable to know, and she noticed the love of nature, which she had never been particularly conscious. From her own experience, she tells people in the world, "I want you to know how to care for yourself."

Why do you run? The answer that came out when I thought again was that "running was a self -meditation and I wanted to have a calm heart." That's why the concept is to be calm (to adjust yourself)NagieIn the encounter with, it shines when you feel fateful.


Mr. Deoka's goal is to be something of someone. Her model workSNSThrough the transmission, Ideoka -san's life is worthwhile to make people's feelings positive and push their backs.

Those who are looking for sustainable heart are honestly spelled out in Mr. Deoka and sometimes happy words.SNSWhy don't you look into it?