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SPECIAL YOGA Event Vol. 2 -Go to Nagi both physically and mentally ~@wood tree terrace

NAGIE began walking on March 3, 2021, and thanks to the first anniversary of March this year.

In the moon, which is the milestone, we will hold the popular "Special Yoga Event & Beach Clean" this year as well. This time, the wonderful instructors (@yuya67@tama_smileThis is held while looking at the sea on the Kamakura / Goriki Terrace. Through yoga and beach clean, I hope that we can go with everyone, both physically and mentally. In addition, we include visitors and content to commemorate the first anniversary.

I would be glad if you could participate in the event on this occasion and touch the world view of NAGIE.


The special yoga session instructor is also a Nagie Ambassador this time.Ariya SarashinaMr. Miss ,TAMAOWe will invite you.

As the finest place to go to "Nagi", Kamakura / Maternitager Beach, and on the Temple Terrace gypsea (@gypsea_by_honey_official) We have prepared a studio.

As a participant privilege, we will give you popular NAGIE items such as leggings, jogger pants, and stretch T -shirts.

On the day, we plan to set up a Marche event and introduce a booth that introduces various reality and NAGIE initiatives that are now occurring in nature and the sea. We will inform you as soon as the details are decided.


Details such as application methods are as follows.

We look forward to your application and participation.


■ Date and time

March 20th (Sun) 13:30 START (12:30 reception starts)

13: 30-14: 30 Beach clean

15: 00-16: 15 Yoga Session Part1 with Sarashina (Ashtanga Yoga Basic)

16: 30-17: 30 Yoga Session Part2 with Tamao

17: 40-18: 00 Closing session (journaling, etc.) with TAMAO & Ariya Sarashina


■ venue

Material Terrace

Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture 5-18-25

* Details such as meeting places will be provided to the participants.


■ Participation benefits

We will give you popular NAGIE items such as leggins pants, jogger pants, and stretch T -shirts.

* The items to be handed over will be selected on the nagie side, but if you already have NAGIE leggings, jogger pants, or stretch T -shirts, please let us know from the application form below. We will replace it with other items. )

* We will distribute it before the event, so please wear NAGIE items as much as possible and participate in the event.


■ Participation fee

① Beach clean + closing session + yoga session part1 with Sarashina (12,000 yen)

➁Beach clean + closing session + yoga session part2 with tamao (12,000 yen)

* Nagie items will be handed over all plans.


■ Others

For those who have applied, we will guide you in detail after March 1st.

We will do our best to prevent the new colon virus infection, so we plan to cooperate with the participants in advance. Please understand in advance.


↓↓↓ The following will be the application form, so please apply on the description.