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Nagie Pop Up Store@Shimokitazawa Held Information

 On November 12 (Sat) and 13 (Sun) this weekend, the Nagie Pop Up Store will be held at the private store area "Reload" in Shimokitazawa.

*RELOAD: A private store area lined with restaurants and general stores in a modern building based on the concept of migration and stay. Aim for co -creation of new culture. (HP isHere)

NAGIE will be exhibited at the 1F Entrance Space on the Shimokitazawa Station side.

This time, we have a limited benefit that only the purchasers can get, and the video viewer -only benefits distributed from the official NAGIE Instagram.

*For details, see at the bottom of the page.


We are looking forward to everyone with the full lineup that is currently being developed, including the “Stand Color Padet Long Court” of the 22AW additional collection, which is starting to be developed in October. Please drop in at this opportunity.


Date: November 12 (Sat), 13th (Sun) 11:00-19:00

Location: Reload | Shimokitazawa

(3-19-20 Kitazawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo)


① Local buyer benefits (Organic Protein / Re: Bio Lactic Acid Bacteria Powder / Oat Milk)

We have prepared a privilege that will be given only for customers purchased at this event.

This time, we sponsored three brands that provide wonderful concepts and products that lead to your health and environmental protection.

*The following benefits are limited to quantities. The delivery will end as soon as it is gone.


1. Organic Protein (Detail isHere)

An organic protein provided by Organ's Organic, which has the concept of "this moment will create the future". Gluten -free / soy -free / non -genetical recombination developed by an American doctor. A product that maintains health, promotes beauty, replenishment of protein during dieting and makes many people healthy.


2. Re: Bio / Lactic acid bacteria powder (Detail isHere)

Prepare your intestinal environment and have a better life with a healthy mind and body.

Re: Bio's lactic acid bacteria powder is made in a manufacturing plant that uses raw materials that do not use food additives and clears the strict management and quality standards, aiming to create products that can continue to drink with confidence. Lactic acid bacteria powder contain living bacteria that reach the intestine and bacteria feeding to help their functions, supporting health and beauty.


3.OATLY / Otts Milk (Detail isHere)

Vegetable milk sold by Swedish brand OATLY. Oats milk is a vegetable milk made from oats. Compared to milk, it is said that the land used and the amount of carbon dioxide that are discharged are small, and the load on the environment is small.


②Instagram Follow & Video Viewer Limited local purchase price discount benefits

This is the first POP UP event in the new culture output site "Shimokitazawa".We have once again learned about the three recycling -type philosophy that NAGIE aims for, and has prepared local purchases only for those who have sympathized.

This time, NAGIE official Instagram follow -up, distributed in the Instagram account, viewed Philosophy Movie, saved screenshots on the video screen, and presented it to the staff on the day from the regular price.15% OFFYou can purchase it.

You can see Movie from the following.


*Nagie Instagram:


③22AW all collection deployment

At this event, all 22AW collections will be exhibited and sold. We also have a Slimjo Garpants brush -up Ver "Tapered Jogger", which is used by many people, and "Stand Color Padet Long Court" and "Chester Coat", which are perfect for the coming season. There is also a fitting space, so please take a look at this opportunity.

■ Tapered jogger (Product Page)

UNISEX ¥ 17,600

color: Black, khaki

Size: XS, S, M, L, LL

Recycleng Ratio: 72.4%

Made of 20 Plastic Bottles


■ Stand color padet long coat (Product Page)

UNISEX ¥ 49,500

color: Black, khaki

Size: XS, S, M, L, LL

Recycleng Ratio: 98.0%

Made of 25 Plastic Bottles


■ Chester coat (Product Page)

UNISEX ¥ 37,400

color: Black, Navy, Beige

Size: XS, S, M, L, LL

Recycleng Ratio: 47.2%

Made of 11 Plastic Bottles