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NAGIE Flea Market@Minami -Aoyama Information

Thank you for your continued patronage of NAGIE.
This time, on March 5 (Saturday), we will hold a Nagie's first flea market event at Minami -Aoyama*5450 THE GALLERY.

While aiming for the circulation of clothes that is no longer needed as a nagie, a flea market is an event that circulates so that the clothes can be connected from people to people, without changing the shape. thinking about.

This is the first attempt.

*5450 The Gallery is a new creative gallery that creates content from an interactive perspective, mainly fashion / art.

Please read the details of the event and the precautions for visiting the venue.

■ Date:Saturday, March 5th12:00 pm -17:00 pm

■ Venue:5450 The Gallery (5-4-50 2F Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo)

■ Notes:

・ The admission limit of the venue will be limited to 20 people (one hour limit).

・ On the day, the numbered ticket will be distributed from the start time (12:00), so please enter at the listed time.

・ Since there is no shopping back, please bring an eco bag, paper bag, etc.

・ Products other than nagie are only cash settlement.

* Due to the number of visitors on the day and the number of people at the venue, there is a possibility that the admission time will be slightly different. Please understand in advance.

* We will hold measures to prevent infection of new colon virus, such as alcohol disinfecting and temperature inspection at the time of admission.

■ Introducing exhibitors

Kumiko Daikata (@kumi511976)

Born July 19, 1976. She became independent as a personal stylist in 2013 after working as an apparel company. She has been evaluated by the industry since then, and has been expanding her work, including her book in 2016. Her Instagram has posted her dog as well as her dog.


Kota Morohashi (@kotawave)

Model / actor / Scouted while studying in high school to the world of models. He has appeared in many commercials and advertisements.In 2010 he traveled alone to Hong Kong. He signs an exclusive contract with a major model talent agency.In 2015, he established "BeachTree", which provides fashion, beauty and food in one space based on the feeling of air that he met through his hobby surfing.Since 2020, he has been an ambassador for the apparel brand "NAGIE".

Anna Nagata (@annnanagata)

After she was an actress, she was the director of the fashion brand she started from 2013 to 2019. In 2020, in 2020, as a communication director of the complex facility "Eat Play Works" that combines food, wellness and member's lounge, in 2020, we participated in the launch and operation of facilities. Propose a work -life balance. He gave birth to his first child last year and is currently on childcare leave.

Kyoko Kame (@kame_kyo)

After about three years of OL life, he made his debut as a stylist in 2001. Her turtle style is a feminine styling that has a good trend in her basic style. She is nominated by popular models, and many celebrities trust her sense. She is also active in a wide range of talk shows, TVs, advertisements and radio.

Maki Kiriyama (@maki_kiriyama)

She appeared in numerous advertisements, magazines, books, stage, commercials, dramas, and movies as models and actresses. She is expanding her activity, such as a costume jewelry select shop she has been involved in design and producing in her new brand, Minoh, from Kesher Shalom. In addition, a dog and cat protection shelter on Miyakojima, a remote island in Okinawa, has a protected dog as a family, and on his YouTube channel, he said, "I learned through my home protected dogs and transfer dogs, and continue with my dog. We are communicating how to deal with "protected dogs", such as "what you feel.

MICO shrine maiden (@m_iiicooo)

1999 -She has been selling, managers, and planning and production at apparel companies. 2017 ~ She is independent as a freelance designer. She is involved in consulting and design of various brands. 2018 -She uses dyes made from plants, operates a newly sleeping dead stock and a SHOP "MUUET", which is transformed and transformed by manual dyeing things in the world.

Decollte Accesory (@decollte_accessory)

Accessory brand deployed from Ashiya. We have a simple yet pierced earrings, necklaces, headbands and hair clips that incorporate trends. It is usually sold only online, but it is a chance to try directly such as a very popular ball piercing.

We look forward to your visit.