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Regarding nagie philosophy "MADE TO Order"

Thank you for your continued patronage of NAGIE.

In NAGIE, "Made To Order (Limited Order Production)" is important in order to invest a major issue in the apparel industry, "mass production of waste premise", "excessive burden on production and working environment, and the global environment". I have been raising it as a philosophy.

*MADE TO Order (Limited Order Production): Production / Delivering only the product number that has not been stocked and received the minimum number of productions during a certain period of time to customers.

On the other hand, the production is performed one by one according to the order, and depending on the timing of the order, the understanding and cooperation from the production factory will be obtained.Because it was occasionally difficult, and that NAGIE's main production area is China.Due to the change in the situation in the country, some customers could deliver products delayed the scheduled date.


In the future, while providing better services to our customers, we have been examining how to do it to realize the philosophy of NAGIE. I did it.

With the above judgment, we reviewed the concept of exclusive order -to -order production as follows.


"Limited order production"= Some inventory sales+fully -ordered and sales and sales hybrid production systems

Two years have passed since the brand launch, and we have received support from many customers. Based on this sales performance data, we will carry out inventory sales only for some parts. The stock quantity will be analyzed in advance, and only the premise quantity that can be sold out will be stocked.

The definition of the conventional "limited order production" was that production began when the total number of customer's order reached the production number. On the other hand, depending on the time, the total number of orders may be large, and in fact, all the ordered products were produced (= completely ordered).

This time, based on the new stock of some products and the fact that we have been producing in order to order, the concept of exclusive -order production as described above is "some inventory sales+complete -order production and sales. Hybrid production system.

Through the above changes in the production system, we will strive to deliver products to customers without delay.

* For products that sell in stock, it will be possible to deliver within about one week after ordering.
(It may be different depending on the delivery area)
* For stock products, it is posted at the bottom of the page.


Regarding the production of separate notes (collaboration), the amount that can be sold is in stock.There are cases where we will trade.

Under the goal of raising "Recycling System" as a philosophy and changing the distributed clothes material into a recycling material that can be recycled, bespoke (collaboration) with a brand that empathized with the concept of NAGIE. In the event of this, we will carry out analysis and printing with the collaboration destination in advance, and we will sell inventory in the quantity assuming that it is sold out.

Among the clothes distributed in the world, it is said to be about 2-3%of the recycling material (surveyed by about 2-3%(* ELLEN Macarthur Foundation (Global Material Flows in the Clothing Industry)). With the cooperation of other brands, NAGIE will strive to distribute more regenerated materials to the market.


We promise that the inventory quantity in (①, ②) above is only completely sold out.

Both (1) and (2) Both production and stock are started on the premise of completely selling, but in the unlikely event that the product is sold, clothes are collected and recycled. We will donate to the design and continue to achieve zero waste.


We will continue to work to provide better services for everyone.

Thank you for your continued support.


April 8th (Sat) -At Start

① Shirt jacket (Calm Series)

¥ 28,600 UNISEX

Color: Black, Gray, Khaki, Beige

Size: XS, S, M, L, LL

② Button Kara Shirt (Calm Series)

¥ 19,800 UNISEX

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Size: XS, S, M, L, LL

③ Tapered pants (Calm Series)

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④ Tapered jogger (Calm Series)

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Size: XS, S, M, L, LL

Tapered Jogger (Calm Series)