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"NAGIE" will be exhibited on "Thursday)" Carnival Shonan "

On November 3rd (Thursday) Culture Day, to the Tsujido Kaihin Park*Carnival Shonan

"NAGIE" has been decided.*Carnival Shonan (Click here for HP


NAGIE will exhibit in the "Market Village" area just after entering the park north entrance.

On the site, we will exhibit, try on/sell NAGIE products, and distribute Instagram collaboration with Yoga Journal with gorgeous gifts.

Please come at this time when the heat is relieved and you can interact with nature comfortably.


① Hydro Flask × NAGIE Collaboration Bottle is a lottery

We will hold a lottery to visitors who followed the Nagie Instagram account locally. We will receive "HYDRO Flask x Nagie Collaboration Bottle" to the winning customers.

*Please note that the color cannot be specified.


② YOGA JOURNAL × NAGIE Collaboration Instagram Live distribution

This time, we will exhibit booths and operate yoga event in the area, and we will distribute Instagram Live collaboration with*Yoga Journal.

Call Mika Sakabe, a fitness instructor, for distribution guests, and is limited to distribution."[15 minutes at home] Relax yoga to prepare the autonomic nervous system"I will tell you.

[Distribution details]

Contents: [15 minutes at home] Relax yoga to prepare the autonomic nervous system

Lecturer: Mika Sakabe (Instagram)

Date: Thursday, November 3rd (Thursday) 11:00 to 11:30

Distribution source: Yoga Journal JAPAN account (Instagram)

NAGIE account (Instagram)

* At the end of the distribution, there is also a bonus information, so please take a look.


③ NAGIE 22AW Product exhibition / sale

"Long Food Court" has long been popular because of the "Stand Color Padet Long Court", which has been sold in October and has a recycled batting, and the high functionality and the ease of use of the scene. We will develop around "No Color Long Court". There is also a local fitting space, so please come on this occasion.

■ Stand color padet long coat (product page isHere)


UNISEX ¥ 49,500

color: Black, khaki

Size: XS, S, M, L, LL

Recycleng Ratio: 98%

25 Plastic BPTTTLES


■ Long food court (product page isHere)

M's ¥ 30,800

color: Black, khaki

Size: M, L

Recycleng Ratio: 92.6%

20 Plastic BPTTTLES


■ No color long coat (product page isHere)

W's ¥ 28,600

color: Black, khaki

Size: M, L

Recycleng Ratio: 92.5%

16 Plastic BPTTTLES



Date: Thursday, November 3rd (Thursday) 10:00-15:00

Location: Kanagawa Prefectural Tsujido Seaside Park (3-2 Tsujido, Fujisawa City, Kanagawa Prefecture 3-2)

Exhibited area: In the Market Village