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[Important] Regarding shipping schedule regarding order after 1/11 (Tue)

Please be patronized on Nagie on a daily basisThank you.
Everyone who supports nagielooksAlso NAGI from now onE productofPurchaseEveryone being consideredlooksOnImportant NoticesThere is
JanuaryLate~ FebruaryEarlyDuring the period of productionDuring ~In the countryPut inLunar New Year, And with the long -term vacation associated with the Beijing Olympics,The operation will be stopped at the NAGIE cooperative factory.
Therefore1/11 (Tue) ~ 2/9 (Thursday)I received an order betweenDelivery of products to customers is
It will be shipped sequentially from Friday, March 4I will.
From normal delivery dateWaitShape and very sorry.SedaI kindly thank you.
1/11 (Tue) ~ 2/9 (Thursday)toOrder ➡ Scheduled to be shipped sequentially from 3/4 (Fri)
Thank you for your continued support.
All the nagie teams