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[Detailed decision] SPECIAL YOGA Event Vol. 2 ~ Both the mind and body go to calm ~@wood tree terrace


This weekend (March 20), the Special Yoga event sponsored by NAGIE, 2 ~ Both the mind and body are calm ~@Lawn Temple Terrace has been decided, so we will contact you.

We are still looking for additional participants, so we look forward to your application.

Application form URL ↓ ↓



reception/ Change clothes / Move to the beach@WoodenerTerrace 2F
Beach Clean@Mego Kiza Terrace Before Beach
1)*Sarashina YOGA session (@gypsea)
*Workshop (@Mego Kiza Terrace 2F)
2) *TAMAO YOGA session
*Workshop (@Mego Kiza Terrace 2F)
Closing session
*In this workshop, beautiful crafts are made and sold from plastic materials discarded as marine garbage, and they come to the brand "buoy", and make small items made of garbage collected on beach clean. Please experience.
Buoy (Buy) HP: https: //

*Yoga session lecturer

The special yoga session instructor is also a Nagie Ambassador this time.Ariya SarashinaMr. Miss ,TAMAOI will invite him.

・ For new colona infection measuresPlease cooperate with disinfection and temperature inspection at the time of reception and wearing masks.
・ This event venue, the area around the Tamba Terrace,There are no convenience stores or vending machines, so about drinks
Please bring your own bottle or prepare in advance.
(On the day of the eventTAMAO is an ambassador natural antioxidant water TFree water supply space for ROLOXWe will prepare it, soIf you have a My bottle, please supply water at any time.)
・ We will prepare yoga mats here,It is possible to bring your own.
・ Because there are no lockers with locks at the facility,The management of valuables will be performed by yourself, and luggage is lost, etc.
Please note that we cannot take responsibility for.
[Event overview]

■ venue

Material Terrace

Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture 5-18-25

* Details such as meeting places will be provided to the participants.

■ Participation benefits

We will give you popular NAGIE items such as leggins pants, jogger pants, and stretch T -shirts.

* The items to be handed over will be selected on the nagie side, but if you already have NAGIE leggings, jogger pants, or stretch T -shirts, please let us know from the application form below. We will replace it with other items. )

* We will distribute it before the event, so please wear NAGIE items as much as possible and participate in the event.

■ Participation fee

① Beach clean + closing session + yoga session part1 with Sarashina (12,000 yen)

➁Beach clean + closing session + yoga session part2 with tamao (12,000 yen)

* Nagie items will be handed over all plans.


We look forward to your participation.