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Introduction of Organic Life TOKYO Exhibition

We would like to thank you for your continued patronage of NAGIE.
The largest Yoga & lifestyle event in the Tokyo area will be held for 4/15 - 173 days、*Organic Life TOKYOWe will open the POP UP STORE at .
*Organic Life TOKYO is one of the largest yoga & lifestyle events in the Tokyo area, attracting about 3 million visitors and 120 yoga instructors every year.
On the day of the event, there will be yoga lessons by yoga instructors, as well as marches of many brands including fashion, food, miscellaneous goods, etc. for those who love yoga.

At NAGIE's booth this time, we are planning to expand new products that are close to the lifestyle incorporating new spring and summer products and yoga, and also to welcome customers by the event-limited store manager.
We are waiting for you to prepare benefits, so we would be happy if you can visit this opportunity by all means.
■Special Point露:The first unveiling of the new work of NAGIE Spring and summer
The items will focus on "athletic" suitable for yoga and sports scenes, and will be items that can be applied to chic and casual "business".
It is a lineup that expresses NAGIE's concept of "supporting the time to face your mind and body and creating your own rhythm", like a calm calm (the wind stops, the waves disappear, and calm) in every scene in a busy day.
-Brand Name Stretch T-shirt
SIZE XS/S/M/L *XS has been added.
-Back slit tank top
ー -Tuck Tapered Jogger
-Twist T-shirt (L/S)
-Release date: 4.15 Pm (Friday)
Organic Life Storefront 10:00

■Special Pointま: (4 month 15 day (Thursday), 16 day (Friday) limited) NAGIE POP UP@Organic Life TOKYO We welcome a special manager.

Mr. Ariya Sarashina and Mr. Tamao, both of whom have participated as lecturers at this Organic Life TOKYO and have served as ambassadors of NAGIE, will be at the store as the manager of NAGIE POP UP and welcome everyone at the following date and time.

-4/15 (Friday): Ariya Sarashina

-4/16 (Sat): Tamao

※ 4 month 17 day ( day) is two parties including the manager. pick up plan is not therefore please acknowledge beforehand .

-Ariya Sarashina

Ashtanga Yoga Instructor

In 2011, he was given an Authorization Level 2.
In 2017-18, he published "Yoga of Men" and "YOGA Pose BIBLE" from Takarajima-sha.
For 18 years, he appeared with students and leaders in "Passion Continent", expanding the opportunity and entrance to start YOGA.


Yoga Instructor /NLP Master Coach

SUP YOGA teacher training courses are held throughout the country.
We will work on the promotion of SUP and environmental issues with safety first.A life coach who advocates the importance of "Self Love" using yoga and coaching as tools, and a lifestyle that incorporates the sea and nature into life.

■Special Pointー: Coupon limited to event visitors

For this event visitors only, we will give you a coupon that you can purchase NAGIE products at free shipping.

We look forward to seeing you at this opportunity to take NAGIE's products in hand.


【NAGIE POP UP STORE in Organic Life】
■ Date: 2022 year 4 month 15 day (Friday) ~ 4 month 17 day (Sunday)
■Business hours: 10:00-18:00
■Venue: 3331 Arts Chiyoda 6-11-14 Sotokanda, Chiyoda−ku, Tokyo