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[How to clean nagie products]

Introducing how to use NAGIE products for a long time.


① Put it in the washing net

The polyester is a durable material, but it is a product that makes it easy to get a thread when rubbed, so please put it in a washing net. Ideally, the decorations should be turned over, all buttons and zippered ones are closed, folded and put on the perfect size.

② Wash with a washing machine.

NAGIE products can be washed in a washing machine, just like normal clothing. We recommend neutral detergent or weak alkaline detergent. Polyester is a material that tends to cause static electricity. The use of a softener is effective to prevent static electricity.

* What you want to refrain

・ Because there is a risk of yellowing and discoloration, please refrain from using detergents and bleach containing fluorescent white agent.

・ Polyester is a material that is vulnerable to heat. Please refrain from washing with hot water exceeding 30 ° C.

・ Polyester fiber has a characteristic that it is easy to adsorb dirt, so avoid washing with dirt. In particular, the fabric on a white background may be color transfer, so please refrain from washing with clothing with darkness and color loss.


・ Drying

① Dry shade.

If you can extend wrinkles and shade in a well -ventilated shade, you can use the product longer.

* What you want to refrain

・ Please refrain from using a dryer because the fabric may expand and contract at high temperatures.



① Iron using a cloth.

Polyester is originally hard to wrinkle and is easy to remove wrinkles, so you can iron enough even at low temperatures. Be sure to put a cloth in it, as it can cause shine if you iron directly. In order to make the material last longer, reduce the time you iron as shorter.

* What you want to refrain

・ Since the product logo and print part may be easier to remove at high temperatures, avoid ironing the print part as much as possible.