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Nagie 23ss Collection "Calm Series"

Born from the back calculation of the ideal mini -malfounding style

"Calm Series" PRODUCED by NAGIE

The new lineup "Calm Series" that appeared from Nagie / 23ss Collection is a universal design with a minimal and moderate drop that can be worn, regardless of the usage scene, and genderless.


The fabric used is 77 % of the playback polyester yarn made from a plastic bottle, and by knitting the thread with a sutra (Tate Ami), it looks like an elasticity like a sweater and a suit. It is a functional material that combines durability. It features a smooth touch, featuring a high -quality texture that rarely feels stressed by rubbing the skin and clothes.


What is a sutras edition?

A hybrid method with a knitting method of making a loop in the fresh direction, maintaining the same high elasticity as the veneration (Yoko Aami), and combining the durability of a fabric.


Sutra (Tate Amami) *Functionality provided by Calm Seires

① Stretch (Stretch)

It is a 4WAY stretch that extends freely in the direction and the direction, and can handle casual movements such as standing sitting and arm bending and stretching, and stress in light exercise and sports scenes without stress. While the extension rate of general clothes with stretch functions is 20%, Calm Series exceeds 40%in both the flat direction and the direction, and more than twice the stretch. We have sex.

*Extension rate: Measure how much the fabric extends from the normal state when the fabric is pulled.
* The numbers are based on their own inspection data.



② Easy care (Easy Care)

It is more than 95%*extended recovery rate and boasts high shape stability. Washing machine washing is also supported, and it has a durability that does not cause shape even if you repeat several dozens of washing. The drying time is 3.5 hours, and general clothing takes 7.5 hours, about 4 hours.

*Prolonged recovery rate: Indicates how much the fabric that is expanded and shrinks with force returns to its original length. (General clothing items 70%)
* The numbers are based on their own inspection data.


The first place in Calm Series can be more efficient every day by reducing the time of choosing everyday clothes and reducing the time from washing to drying by snuggling with everyday scenes.

If you combine Calm Series to a business trip or a travel scene, the luggage is minimal, even if it gets dirty on the go, it can be washed immediately and dry, it is hard to wrinkle. You can spend without stress without worrying.



③ Water repellent (Water Repellent)

The surface of the fabric is coated with a fluorine -based water -repellent agent, and when a small amount of rain or water drops, water is played and water is prevented from getting into the items. It is a function that can be used when playing on the water and children when going out or when traveling.

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Calm Series item list

 ■ Shirt jacket (Calm Series)

Price: ¥ 28,600
 Black, Gray, Khaki, Beige
 XS / S / M / L / LL



■ Button color shirt (Calm Series)

Price: ¥ 19,800
 Black, Gray, Khaki, Beige
 XS / S / M / L / LL




■ Tapered pants (Calm Series)

PRICE: ¥ 22,000
 Black, Gray, Khaki, Beige
 XS / S / M / L / LL




■ Tapered jogger (Calm Series)

 Price: ¥ 20,900
 Black, Gray, Khaki, Beige
 XS / S / M / L / LL




Items commitment

With the original draping / turnover, we create "stress -reducing stress when wearing" & "ease of movement up" & "natural and beautiful silhouette".



NAGIE (to Nagi)


"NAGIE (to Nagi)" launched in March 2021

The brand name born from the word "to Nagi" is

Create a margin in a busy life,

Let's live richly and rich like "Nagi", and

Trying to create a healthy "calm" world between people and the global environment

I am thinking.


Aiming to create things that are friendly to the earth and people, facing nature,

"Sustainable" concept.


Not only do you spend the business scene without stress

It means connecting seamlessly to the athletic scene

The concept of "biz restic".


Based on two ideas, people, global environments and society

We are aiming for a "circulating" brand.