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NAGIE Journal Vol.8
Hayato Copper Amazing
The importance of creating a ruler together in an environment where you can affirm each other

No.8 Coppermurbing Hayato/Businessman

For everyone who supports nagieSustainable lifeAn interview series to ask about. First8The apparel brand operates in -house production factories for the purpose of creating employment in Africa.“Cloudy”Hayato Copper Amazing, who is active as a representative ofSustainable lifeI will approach.


Mr. Hayato Copper Amazing

Apparel brand "Cloudy」/NPOCorporation"Dooooooo"representative

Born in Tokyo in 1985. After graduating from Keio University Faculty of Economics,2008Joined Goldman Sachs Securities Co., Ltd.2010He is a non -profit corporation that conducts educational activities in Africa the yearDoooooooWas found.2014He retired from the securities company in the year2015New Year's CorporationDOYAFounded. same year9Apparel brand "CloudyWas found. He has been developing pop -up shops and various collaboration projects in various parts of Japan, and continues to conduct educational activities, such as regular lectures on Africa at school.


 1. Being widely interested and deeply imagined to expand your width

-In the school days when I was fertilized by the alikanfoot ball. Are there any mentality that you learn through sports and are still cherished?

I often hear words, such as trying to work more and aiming for the best in Japan, but as far as I can go to sports, it is natural. Rather than such beautiful words, what are you doing for this practice, why everyone aims for victory in the first place?1Step in"Why"I took care of asking. By doing so, I think that you can avoid going on with your own ego without noticing.

The other is to think from another person's position. I was always regular, and when I couldn't play the game due to injuries, it was painful to see other players playing an active part in the game, but at that time I couldn't play the game for the first time. I understood and understand roles. The teams include those who play the game and contribute to the victory, who manage the team, those who support the players behind the scenes, and in many positions. If more people can move in consideration of their position, I think the team will be stronger, not just sports, and I am always conscious.



-I think it's also true that the more you immerse yourself in one thing, the more you become more and more likely to be aware and considering your surroundings.

I agree. However, people1He is not alive, but always influenced by someone. Sometimes I get angry with my boss without much mess. At that time, it is important to imagine that there are various relationships and positions, circumstances, and situations.

There is also a reason for the angry side, and there is also a reason for the angry side. I think that things will change dramatically depending on whether you are able to understand and consciously understand that there is a reason for all the behaviors and some of the people.

Also, as long as it has been around for a long time, it is a type that I do not feel much of aesthetics about being immersed in one thing. It's important to work hard on one thing, but in a sense, it's not positive for me. I am interested in other things, feel, study. That leads to expanding the width of yourself and deepening your eyes. Gradually, sports, studying, and work each has a good effect. If you are always interested in various things and do not have a fixed concept, you will naturally be able to see things that are wide and relaxed.


I was interested in Africa because I had a wide range of antennas and always had a margin.

I was interested in sports since I was young, and I liked watching professional baseball players, but the foreign players that came out looked very cool. After that, the OlympicsNBAI was longing for overseas players who played in and so on, especially African players.

When I was in junior high schoolBOYZ MenI got into black music, where I touched on the depth of the music world. Through music, I felt the distant African culture and history. Meanwhile, I looked at a photo book about the ethnic groups that happened to be opened in the library, and found that there are various races in the world and there are various forms of life.

There are people like naked tribes of culture that are completely different from me, and people who paint on the body. In fact, each paint has a deep meaning, and the traditions that have been inherited from the ancient times are valued at the end of their lives. There is such a world, I wanted to go someday, so I went to Africa for the first time on a college graduation trip and had a homestay to the Masai people.


2. There is no reason to be busy and difficult. What has been made in the relationship between people.

-Why did copper spare, who had a wide range of interest as a person, chose foreign finance as a first career?

I liked to make people happy since I was a child, and at first I was going to get a job at a TV station. I myself have enjoyed various things in my life. Family, friends, teachers, sports, music...There are various things, but the existence of TV was great among them. The TV was always full of new information and laughter, and someday I wanted to be involved in production.

Actually, I received a job offer from a television station, but I thought that job hunting was a chance to know society wide, and I received Goldman Sachs, who had heard that there was a great company. I didn't know much about finance or securities companies, but in interviews with dozens of site employees, everyone faces the same direction, has a high goal, and has a strong result. I was attracted to my posture.

Money, status, honor, life work..., It was each person,I want to climb up on topEveryone has a common sense of purpose, and there are people who are doing half -hearted things such as "Well, is this good?"1Not a person. In fact, after joining the company, I felt like I was playing a game every day.


-Is the hardships of the busy and professional people....

At that time, blind touchExcelI can't do it at all, and English is also Eiken4Class level.1What I couldn't do with people was how the people around me could move comfortably and flexibly.

PCIt's not the ability to have created the material, but it's not good. " Instead, what others can't do is take the initiative than anyone,1Even with seconds, I was able to create a mutual complementary relationship that could use Tame language.


-Why education -relatedNPOHow did you start a corporation and how did you spend your time while your main business was busy?

I felt the question at the beginning of the place. Why are children can't go to school? Everything started with the children's education, and I wanted to manage it. I felt that there was no obvious thing and there was a gap, but now I think it was my own ego. I saw it on my own, but not going to school is not always unfortunate. I don't think they judge their happiness with their own rules, and don't use the word disparity.

Also, I don't think busy and difficulty is what individuals decide. The time is equal to everyone, and it is a matter of determination to use.5Part10Even if it is piled up, it will be a big time. It's a happy thing to come out more and more, and if you want to do it, just think about how to realize it. I don't think it's impossible or not.


Soon after that, I quit the company and apparel brand"Cloudy"Is founded.

Thoughts and issues in the local area increase day by day,2015A year"Cloudy"Was launched. I wanted to have Africa positively, and that as long as it was a brand, I had to be sustainable.

The local mothers moved the sewing machine in the garden, tied their hair, felt such culture and life on the skin, and the gender gender and the serious employment problems of women were serious, so the sensitivity of African people. Utilizing the culture, we started as an apparel brand that can convey its goodness in the distant Japan market.


3. Make SDGs a business. To be perceived as yourself, to create synergy from respect.

-In recentlySdgsAnd the interest in social entrepreneurs is growing in earnest, but originallyNPOWhat are you aware of when the brand business has been managed at the same time?

It means "whether you can be yourself."

Africa has nothing to do with his life for most people in the world and feel far away. So I think the fantastic image will be stronger. Also, nowSdgsI often hear the word ethical, but in Japan, I often run alone. For better or worse, Japanese people tend to draw a successful experience. The bigger the draw, the more you will not be able to start, you will quit on the way, and the longer you are ready, will be longer.

That's why it is very important to draw steps at a level that is feasible. If you are in Africa, how much content and items you can feel close to?SdgsIf so, daily24How can you propose as a natural initiative in time? I think that you can't see it and pretend not to see it is everywhere in your daily life.


-I are worried that "SDGs" and "sustainable" will end like a transient trend.

Of course, it is ideal to penetrate as an essential mentality, but it is very good for people in the world to touch such things. Both facing the earth and social issues and enjoying as a fashion trend are both good.

So I think the important thing is to be a world where you can affirm. It is also true that things have good aspects and bad aspects. Fast fashionCloudyand,NagieI'm sure. However, there is always a reason.

So, instead of entering anything, I want to make it a world that can be proposed in positive, such as "I guess this would be better." Returning to the previous story, there are all reasons and positions for both people and things. I think that good synergies will be born by creating a ruler together and respecting each other.


-Cloudy has collaborated with various brands, not just apparel, and has created a good synergy.

When we are with other people and brands, we do not do anything that only pursues numbers. If each other's thoughts overlap, and there is no next thing to connect as a plus α synergy, it can end up with self -satisfaction. On the premise of this, what our brands are particularly aware of now is whether they can know and feel that those who do not usually look at it.

Passionate and business -like parts. Only with both of these, along with the brandCloudyorNPOI think that my thoughts will spread.


-Cloudy has a strong image of Africa, but recently it has been working on recycling businesses. How do you think about future developments and goals?

In these businesses, I think it is important to have the brand image. Therefore, it is only necessary to be interested from various angles and increase the image of the brand. Various seven changes can be madeCloudy, I think eachCloudyI think it's good.

Currently, I am making original textiles with designers in the local Ghana, but this is done.CloudyI want to make a license business, not just in the fashion field.

Recently, I have been adopted for Club Harie's package design. Also, in Ghana, donation of clothes from overseas is a major problem. After arriving at the port and buying and selling50%The reality is whether it can be reclaimed or a pile of garbage.

Ghana is said to be a dirty country in Africa, but from Japan, it can be turned into a smile that can be converted to a smile through collecting garbage and turning it into products, hiring a factory and hiring a factory. It would be nice if you could become an African textile brand.