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Tapered Jogger Pants / Product introduction

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■ Tapered jogger
Size: XS, S, M, L, LL
color: Black, khaki


* All NAGIE products are made to order.
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● “elasticity” that responds to all movements without stress

The use of a sutra (vertical Ami) material called Tricot has an outstanding elasticity. It is also characterized by a soft texture, and realizes a pleasant comfort that does not have the feeling of wearing.


● "Water repellency" does not soak light rain

The surface is applied to the surface of the fabric and plays light rain and moisture firmly. He / she plays an active part in the day when he goes out and on the outdoor scene.


● "Shape stability" does not lose its shape no matter how many times you wash it

 Because it is a knitting using a unique material born in a plastic bottle, it is a product that is hard to wrinkle and is hard to fold. In addition, it is a product that can be used for a long time without worrying about the shape collapse after washing.



● With deep pockets in 4 places

It has a deep pocket with a total of four places on both sides and left and right buttocks. You can store small items when going out lightly.


 Move for work
For Workout

for private

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◆ Sustainability
This item uses 20 plastic bottles.
By reusing a plastic bottle that is originally discarded, gasoline cars 4.2 km The CO2 emissions of the minute have been reduced.


◆ Customer voices for products

・ I always use it when I go to work and go to the gym, as I forget the feeling I am wearing. (Male 30s)

・ Pants that can be worn more comfortably than leggings, but the leg line looks beautiful. Thank you for the XS size. (Women in their 20s)

・ I have been wearing it for more than a year, and I always wash it in a washing machine, but I wear it as it is when I bought it without any shape. (Male 20s)


・ Regarding the size of the product

* Wearing image

168cm Male S size wear


175cm Male M size wear


182cm Male L size wearing


 153cm Women XS size wearing


161cm Women XS size wearing


168cm Women S size wear


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 The next -generation D2C sustainable brand launched in March 2021 under the theme of "circulation". We propose a more efficient and healthy lifestyle for people through functional and minimal styling.
Each product uses recycled polyester yarn made from plastic bottles. In addition, the aim is to adopt a production system that does not have the inventory of ordering to order, and to make the global environment healthy.
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