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I want to leave the sea that Taught me important things in a beautiful shape

Yoga Instructor/NLPMaster Coach

An interview series that asks ambassadors who support NAGIE about their "sustainable life". number5The second time is a yoga instructor,NLPPlay an active part as a master coachTAMAOwe will approach the "sustainable life" of

For the sea you love, everyone has action!

TAMAOWhat was impressive during my time with him was the dignified appearance of bowing to the sea before entering the water. In addition to sap yoga and surfing,45He has been freediving for 20 years.TAMAOIt was a moment when I was told that I had a respect for the sea.

"The more you dive, the scarer the sea is. However, it is not 2000000000000000000000000000000000000 On days when I'm able to keep my heart calm, I can dive deep and say, "I'm being available! If you remove your fears, you will gain a sense of unity with the sea and feel the smallness of human beings. And if you over-believe in your strength and challenge the sea, you will get hurt and scared. It is because the sea teaches us to be humble. It's a great way to remember the importance of always having a "thank you" feeling, both at sea and in everyday life."

Because I love the sea, as it is2050I'm shocked by marine pollution, which is said to cause the number of plastics to exceed the number of fish in 2008.TAMAOMrs. He says that giving him a child has made him feel even more like "we have to leave behind a beautiful sea." Because I wanted to share my activities with more people,NAGIEhe was determined to walk with me.


Calm your mind and create a "revolution" between yourself and your surroundings


"It's also sustainable to turn your attention to yourself so that each person can have room in their hearts. I believe that if our minds become neutral, the earth will be in a better direction. If you don't have room in your mind, you won't be able to look at environmental issues, and even if garbage falls, you won't notice them. First of all, you need to fill yourself with love."

TAMAOHis goal as an ambassador is toNAGIEto share it with others while learning about environmental issues. And to hold a "self-love" workshop. "It would be great if a person filled with love could create a cycle that fills his loved ones with love!" I want to work hand in hand with you and take action! I said straight thoughts.

TAMAOWhat you think is necessary in today's world is whether you can rethink your stereotypes and values and take on new challenges.

"In order to fill a cup with new water, it is important to have the courage to let go of the water that we have today. Circulating water in the heart cup——。 Even in this coronal disaster, I think that people who are starting new things while not knowing the correct answer are moving forward."

That's why he questioned the common sense of apparel and taken new action.NAGIEI was deeply sympathetic to.

we want to expand the circle of people who face social issues such as environmental issues.TAMAOThe mission that he himself imposed on himself to circulate. By all meansTAMAOand withNAGIEKeep an interest in future actions in < a0/