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NAGIEジャーナルVol.5 <br>TAMAOさん <br>大切なことを教えてくれた海を、美しいカタチで残したい

NAGIE Journal Vol.5
I want to leave the sea that taught me important things in a beautiful shape

No.5 TAMAOMr. Miss.
Yoga lecturer /NLPMaster coach

An interview series to ask Ambassador who supports Nagie about his "sustainable life". First5The time is a yoga instructor,NLPActive as a master coachTamaoWe approach the "sustainable life".

Take action together for your beloved sea!

TamaoWhat impressed me while spending time was a dignified figure that I bowed to the sea and then enter the water. In addition to sap yoga and surfing45It's said that I've been doing free diving for yearsTamaoIt was a moment when I was told that I was respected by the sea.

"The sea is scary enough to dive if you dive. You can't dive deeply unless you just breathe. On the day when your heart is calm, you can dive deeply and say," I'm alive! ], And if you remove the fear, you will get a sense of unity with the sea, and you will feel the smallness of human beings. If you overtrust your power and challenge the sea, you will be injured or scary. I do it. It tells the sea to be humble. It reminds me of the importance of having a feeling of "thank you" in the sea or everyday. "

Because I love the sea, this is2050In the year, the number of plastic is shocked by marine pollution, which is said to exceed the number of fish.TamaoMr. Miss. He says that his child has become even stronger. Because I wanted to share my activities with more people,NagieHe decided to walk with him.


Make your heart calm and cause a "revolution" between yourself and your surroundings


"Sustainable to focus on yourself so that each person can have plenty of heart. I believe that if the heart becomes neutral, the earth will be in a good direction. You don't have to look at, and you don't notice even if the garbage is falling. First of all, you need to fill yourself with love. "

TamaoThe goal as an ambassador isNagieShare it around while learning about environmental issues together. And hold a "self -love" workshop. "It would be great if a person filled with love could create a circulation that would fill up his loved ones with love! I would like to take action with your hands and take action!" I will say my thoughts.

TamaoWhat you think is needed in the world today is whether you can review your stereotypes and values ​​and create a new challenge.

"In order to fill the cup with new water, it is important to have the courage to let go of the existing water. Covering the water in the heart of the heart. I think the person who is starting to move forward. "

That's why I asked the apparel's common sense and took a new action.NagieI sympathized deeply.

I want to prepare my mind and expand the circle of people who face social issues, including environmental issues.TamaoA mission imposed on its own to circulate himself. pleaseTamaoWithNagiePlease pay attention to future actions.


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