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I want to convey the importance of self-care that I was able to change myself

No.4 Misaki Dooka

An interview series that asks ambassadors who support NAGIE about their "sustainable life". number4The second time, the model, andFertityWe will approach the "sustainable life" of Misaki Dooka, who is active as a producer.

Choosing clothes that can express your axis lightly

Mr. Dooka has been conveying the joy of fashion by wearing a lot of clothes because of her profession as a model. Conscious of people's eyes,SNSThere seems to have been a time when he was resisting the fact that he was resisting the same clothes, but he says that there was gradually a change in the choice of clothes.

"Now I'm really feeling good and I'm only putting my favorite clothes by my side. Speaking of color, I like black, white and beige. Each choice has become easier, and you can live lightly. I was conscious of people's eyes, but it would be nice if my axis was solid. "This is what I like about Izu-chan!" I noticed that it would be better to have them understand."

Choosing something that is not essential that I have unknowingly imposed on myself. Freed from there, to a happy Mr. Getaoka180What gave me the opportunity to change the degree was the "running" that I started myself.


Encountering running that is kind to you

20When he was in his early teens, He went on a diet that he couldn't eat because he was worried about being fat, and just going up the stairs at the station caused shortness of breath. He looks back on his past life because his body was not well and his mind could not afford it. What I started to break the chain of unhealthiness was running that I could work on without spending money.

"I couldn't praise myself until then, but since I started running, I've been able to praise myself. After running, the body and inside of the head are refreshing! The food was delicious and everything was perfect. I feel like vitality has been born."


Running has not only brought about by Mr. Dooka, but also changes in his body. I became shy, and I also noticed a heart that loved the beauty of nature that I had never been particularly conscious of before. From his own experience, he tells the world, "I want you to know how to care for yourself."

Why do I run? The answer that came up when I thought about it again was that running was self-meditation, and I wanted to have a calm mind. That's why the concept is to be calm (to prepare yourself)NAGIEAnd the encounter, I felt fateful and my eyes shining.


Mr. Dooka's goal is to become something of someone else. Model work andSNSMr. Deoka's desire to live is to be able to make people's feelings positive and push their backs through ——。

Those who are looking for a sustainable mind are spelled out in honest and sometimes happy words at The Time of Mr. DookaSNSHow about looking at?