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Nagie Journal Vol.3
Ariya Sarashina
I want you to prepare yourself and take the courage to take a step


No.3 Yuya Sarashina
Astanga Yoga Instructor

NAGIEAn interview series that asks ambassadors who support their "sustainable life". number3This time, we will approach the "sustainable life" of Yuya Sarashina, who is active as one of the forerations of Ashtanga yoga in Japan.

Yoga and surfing that create calmness in the heart

Sarashina's asana (yoga pose) from her sharpened body attracts the viewer as if it were a sculpture. What does yoga bring us? It was exactly what NAGIE valued.

"Yoga is the real pleasure of being able to focus on the "now" by concentrating on breathing without thinking ahead. If you are disturbed, your field of view will be narrowed, but yoga will prepare your mind and body, so you will be able to see the whole thing and your mind will grow. And you're going to be more objectivity at yourself."

Sarashina says that when she communicates yoga, she doesn't give or impose everything, and she trys to give advice that encourages her to think. Surfing also gives a margin to Sarashina's mind.
"Surfing likes the time I spend sitting on a plank waiting for the next wave. Of course, it's fun when you're riding the waves, but I also like simple times when I'm just looking at the horizon. It also makes my heart calm."

Just do it! have the courage to take a step without being afraid

Mr. Sarashina, who is facing many students every day, said, "My strong point is to be proactive about things. I want you to have the courage to take a step forward without being more scared. I don't mind failing. Failure is a lesson to: Fear is what you make, so if you get rid of it, you have a bright future. It's a waste to close the road yourself. Just do it!」 and send a message.

Mr. Sarashina is constantly moved by people who challenge him. nowNAGIEI was appointed as an ambassador forNAGIEhe sympathized with his challenging attitude.

First of all, because of what he can do, Mr. Sarashina, who is carrying my bottle and my chopsticks, is traveling all over Japan and conveying Astanga yoga in various places. And by touching nature that changes its expression every time you travel, you are deepening your awareness of the global environment.
"When you enter the beautiful sea, you can see fish. But there are no people in the beautiful sea. You can't bother other organisms by doing what you're doing with people's fun. Even if there are people, it should be possible not to stain the water quality. That's why I want to do what I can. I want to show my children that I'm not ashamed of them."

Mr. Sarashina leads those of us who want to be healthy both mentally and physically through yoga, but for the global environment, we stand at a new starting point, "I also have to change.". NAGIE will be close to Mr. Sarashina's activities to open up such a light and bright future of footwork.