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For the children who are born.
I want to cherish essential choices

No.2 Anna Nagata
EAT PLAY WORKS Communications Director
*Currently on paternity leave

An interview series that asks ambassadors who support NAGIE about their "sustainable life". In the second session, after working as an actor and apparel director, the facility combines food, play, and work spaces.EAT PLAY WORKSWe will approach the "sustainable life" of Anna Nagata, who is active as a communication director.

Be honest with your heart. steer to sustainable

When he was working on his own apparel brand, Nagata had to mass produce it every season. When I first felt uncomfortable with non-sustainable manufacturing, my current job offer came in. When changing careers, people sometimes said it was a waste, but "it takes courage to let go of what you've accumulated, but sometimes you can see it by trying new things. Even though I'm scared, the excitement in front of me wins." Mr. Nagata says that even if you jump into a world with different industries, you can keep your rhythm. The secret was to always be honest with your heart.

He also says that being honest with his heart has changed his choice of clothes.
"I no longer choose clothes just because I like design. I bedded to think about how the brand creates things. I want to buy something that can be wearn for a long time."

Using environmentally friendly recycled materials, we lost waste through limited-order production.NAGIE。 Mr. Nagata, who is strongly feeling the importance of sustainability because he has experienced theNAGIEI'm interested in making clothes.NAGIEhe expressed his enthusiasm for learning sustainable activities with the brand.

If you think of the people around you and act, you will be enriched.

Mr. Nagata interviewed me while I was about to give birth. With pregnancy as an example, I feel that my attitude toward not only clothes but also various things is changing, such as learning about food that lays the foundation for health and thinking about the living environment related to children's education.

"Thinking about children and families enriches my life. I feel like it's a good place to live because [a sustainable life] doesn't end with complacency." And now that there are so many choices because of the information, "Why choose it? I want the born child to be a child who can question the essence."

Mr. Nagata's sustainable life will spread with a new life that raises the birth.