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NAGIE Journal Vol.2
Anna Nagata
For a born child. I want to cherish the essential choices.

No.2 Anna Nagata
Eat Play Works Communication director
* Currently, childcare leave

An interview series to ask Ambassador who supports Nagie about his "sustainable life". The second event is a facility that combines food, play and work space after working as an actor and apparel director.Eat Play WorksI will approach Anna Nagata's "sustainable life", who is active as a communication director.

Honestly in my heart. Turn to sustainable

Nagata, who had to be mass -produced every season when he was organizing the apparel brand. As we began to feel uncomfortable with non -sustainable manufacturing, offers of our current work fly. When I changed my career, I was sometimes said that it was a waste, but "letting go of the stacked ones are courageous, but sometimes you can see them by challenging new things. Even so, the excitement in front of you will win, "he chose a new challenge. Mr. Nagata says that he can not break his rhythm even if he jumps into a different world in the industry. He told me that the secret was to be honest in my heart.

He says that by being honest in his heart, choosing clothes has changed.
"I don't choose clothes just because I like the design. I came to think about what the brand is making things. I want to buy something that I can wear for a long time."

Using environmentally friendly recycling materials, we lost waste by limited order to order.Nagie。 Mr. Nagata, who feels the importance of sustainability because he is in the position of the creator.NagieI am interested in making clothes.NagieWhile cheering, he told me that he wanted to learn sustainable with the brand.

If you think about the people around you, you will be rich

Mr. Nagata responded to the interview while preparing for childbirth. With the occasion of pregnancy, I feel that not only clothes but also various things are changing, such as learning foods that create a foundation for health and considering the living environment related to children.

"Thinking about children and families will enrich your life. It is impressive to make it. And now that there are many options with excessive information, he says, "Why choose it ... I want the born child to be a child who can ask the essence."

Nagata's sustainable life will spread with a new life that gives birth.