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Good things together share!
I want to send a wonderful dream

No. 1 Bridge Kota
Model / actor / businessman

An interview series of your own "sustainable life" to all of the ambassadors who support Nagie. Second1The time is approaching the "Sustainable Life" of Morchi Kota, who is active as a model, an actor, and a businessman.

Consciousness to social issues born through surfing

"The play in nature is not bored because the smell of the sun and the feeling of the wind are different. So everyone thinks that it is attracted to nature."


That of the bridge,20He is also a surfer who rides over a year. Garbage issues that I can not overlook the sea for many years. He says he is visiting the sea and visiting the sea, saying, "You can pick up garbage and go back!" Since it is not a situation where it can be a beach clean activity on a daily basis, it is important to share more people than working alone and expand the circle of activity. And, consciousness of social issues born through surfing is also covered by fashion and poverty issues and education.


"I used to follow only the vitals, but with age," I think that Japanese fashion is great, but I think it is backwards for sustainables. And in poverty If you live, it is difficult to face social issues with the only one to live. If the education is firm and education is firm, it will not be measured, and it is time to face it as an adult. " He talked about in a strong word.


"I'm asked to be able to play" with a dream

Mr. MorchiNagieThe upload of the ambassador of the unit is a big reason to be attracted to designability that can not be removed as a model as a brand. In addition to cherishing sustainability.

"I think it is wonderful that fashionable things are actually sustown. I actually wear and realize seamlessness that can be used for business and athletic"

Mr. Vanbashi who has a face as a manager, and he also has a new sustainable brand's launch, "I'm glad if you want to buy something useful if you buy anything. SoNagieWhen I met with my skin, I would like to talk about it. It is not a competition, but it should be the idea of ​​Mr. Morchi that you should go while sharing good things for each other.
NagieI felt that I would be excited. I'm doing a job that stands in a table, so I would like to make a smile that I want to send a wonderful dream. "

My favorite sea that says "I am able to play". A bridge that explores how to live in the sea. Its impressive big smile will surely involve a lot of people and will expect it will cause a good wave to be a good wave.