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NAGIE Journal Vol.1
Kota Morohashi
Good things are all shared! I want to send an exciting dream

No.1 Kota Morohashi

An interview series to ask Ambassador who supports Nagie about his "sustainable life". First1The time approaches the "sustainable life" of Kota Morohashi, who is a model, actor, and a businessman.

Awareness of social issues born through surfing

"Playing in nature does not get bored because the smell of the sun and the way of the wind are different. So I think everyone is naturally fascinated."


Mr. Morohashi says so20He is also a surfer who rides the waves for more than a year. The problem of garbage is that you can't overlook it while facing the sea for many years. Every time, he says he is visiting the sea with the heart of saying, "Pick up garbage because one hand is fine!" Morohashi thinks that it is important to share more people and expand the circle of activities than to work hard alone because it is not a situation where you can do beach clean activities on a daily basis. And the awareness of social issues born through surfing extends to fashion, poverty, and education.


"In the past, I was following the trendy, but with my age, I came to seek" what suits me ". I think Japanese fashion is wonderful, but I think sustainable is a later developed country, and in poverty. Then, it is difficult to face social issues as much as you can, just by living. If you are not poverty and well education, you will be able to tell what is important. It is time to face as an adult. " He talked about his thoughts in a powerful word.


Give back to the sea that is "playing" because of a dream

MorohashiNagieThe main reason was that we took over the ambassador for sustaining sustainability as a brand, as well as being attracted to the design that cannot be removed as a model.

"I think it's wonderful that fashionable things are actually sustainable. I actually wore it and realized the seamlessness that could be used for both business and athletic."

Mr. Morohashi, who has a face as a manager and is struggling to launch a new sustainable brand, said, "I'm glad if more people want to buy something useful if they buy it.NagieWhen I met, I sympathized with the goose bumps. " It is Mr. Morohashi that Morohashi should proceed while sharing good things with each other instead of competing.
NagieThen I felt that it would be exciting. I'm working on a table, so I want to send out an exciting dream. "

A favorite sea that says, "I'm playing." Morobashi seeks a way of life that is not embarrassing to the sea. The impressive big smile will surely involve a lot of people and expect a good wave to the world.