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NAGIE Journal Vol.11
Mr. Daisuke Square

No.11 Daisuke Shigaku/ Writer / Mori's consumer, GreenPEACE JAPAN & Ministry of the Environment Ambassador

For everyone who supports NAGIESustainable lifeAn interview series to ask about. The eleventh is Daisuke Kakaku, who is currently living in New Zealand and is practicing a lifestyle with a minimum load on the global environment.Sustainable lifeI will approach.



Mr. Daisuke Square

In the era of the record company producer10After recording the million hit, he moved to New Zealand.
Run a sustainable self -sufficient life in the lake forest, construct a work style that is not tied to location, time, money, and does not depend on organizations and systems. Following the birth of the first child, he has been practicing a minimimal work technique, working only three days a week and in the morning, and practicing a super -time work style for childcare.


1. As a childhood when he grew up with nature, and when he witnessed the lost nature

-Currently, I live in New Zealand to live with self -sufficiency and nature. Did you like nature and outside since childhood? What kind of student life did you have?

Nature before entering kindergartenBigLike. Fishing, trekking, campingTell my fatherthe law of natureBambooTo pick a beetleMountain in front of your homeOnPassageBeyondWasHe jumped out with dawn,After schoolUntil it gets darkOutsideI was playing. However, at that time, the high economic growth periodofJust in the middle.Around the houseofDevelopment is progressing steadily and played so farstomachTaMountains, forests, ponds and riversIs gradually lost, and IJunior high schoolWhen it comes to life, all nature in the neighborhood, InorganicIn a residential areaNamedSoBe。 From me, Nature to love,My favorite playground is brokenWow,For adults who delightQuiet angerI was holding

Nature is gone nearbySoFor touring bicycles in junior high schoolTake an off -road bike from high school,Expand the range of action in search of nature.At university, I traveled for van life and traveled in search of nature throughout Japan. But I witnessed the appearance of nature being destroyed everywhere I gohandI can despairbut,NatureTofeelingThanHighthe law of nature, NatureProtectionThe feeling of wanting was increased.


-I have spent a child and school days in a rapid environmental change, but is there a "dream" you had at that time?

Outdoors from elementary school to collegeI'm crazyinBut I like fishing the mostAmong them, fly fishingI will be captivated by。 River and sea when I was a college studentIn various places such as lakesFly fishingI did it, butFly fishingbutmostI realize that I like it, and I will live on the lake in the futureI will decide。 Throughout JapanofGoing around the lakeliveWhile looking for a placeLake countrynew zealandEncounter, Living on the shores of the New Zealand lakeofIs a dreamBecomesdid.


2. Working style, daily life, thinking ... Success and virtuous cycle of work obtained by lighter everything

-The Kaku -san dreamed of living in New Zealand, but after graduating from college, he has been employed by a general company. Was there any purpose or background?

Natural worldSabiBeAbility is when I was a studentOnBy handCanattitudeTaghumanWorldZero survival ability to surviveisIt was. The worldfor a whileCapitalist societyrightfromminimumI thought I needed a business skill.


-You have achieved good results even where you get a job.

I agree. As a result, I came to be said to have succeeded in the business world,The top priority of life is the immigration of New Zealand.that's whyFrom joining the company to retirementAdvancementorsuccessOnI'm not interestedI was greedy.Unintentionally,thisunselfishdifference"Has become a very strong weapon for working.Because we don't seek a career or successEven in the companyAnyoneDon't be convincedSo, yesThere is no evilthingincommentAnd actionIncreases freedomAnd creativeWas continued

AlsoMeetingShrineMemberI was particular about my lifestyle.Sleep, rest, eat and exerciseAsI didn't break my habitchildandbutIt was big.If you get results at work,amount of workbutIncreasingI'm going, butEven after thatRest wellI was. It's easy for Japanese people to do itAbsurdWorktreeWith spirit and gutsShort -term even if you do your bestresultdeerOutnot. Here is the reason for the long -term resultsI will tell you that.


-There is no lust, reducing the burden of the mind, adjusting your lifestyle, reducing the burden on your body, and doing so can create a virtuous cycle for work and life. On the other hand, I think many people living in the present age have not been able to realize such a life. Do you want to tell them to those people?

 "Working too much", Japan holdsmaximumSocial issuesisI thinkSoisThis problemI want to solve itI wrote the latest issue "Super Minimalism"。 IIs your bossSuicide has lost the same generation and colleagues due to overwork, but this is happening all over Japan. Japan has the longest working hours in the worldKu, Country with the shortest sleep timeis。 Passed -discharge rateThe acquisition rate of childcare leave is also the lowest.SoI'm doing my bestLabor productivity is developed countriesinLowestis。 As if pulled by itPeople who have health and mental problemsIt's increasing year by year, The whole nationHappinessFrom many developing countrieslow.

maximumofThe problem ismanyPeople are socially vulnerableReach out toAttemptNothingis。 For example, a stroller on the stairsBy handThere is a mom who is in troubleBut some pass byBewhy.busyfromisbusyMost reasons forworkis. TheseMindHuman rights and poverty,Low awareness of the climate crisis(Developed country's lowest)or,voteIt leads to a low rate. butThese social issuesTo politicsNothinginterestteethEither, Our livesThreaten。 Have everyone understand this principle and prepare your own lifestyle.Secure time and the margins of heartI want you to do it.


-Thank you very much. weNagieTo provide margins to people who live in the present agecalmWith the theme of clothes, we aim to provide a comfortable circulation to your daily life, and I feel that Mr. Square's way of thinking.



-Did you have a change in your mind through your relocation to New Zealand?

In JapanTaTimealwaysI had a self -contradiction. In TokyolivingThen, the viewpoint of environmental loadLooking atno matter whatOn the perpetratorBe overwhelmedFurtherAs a producer of a record companyCDTotal sales2000Thousands of copiesRecordTabut,CDIf you can't recycle it on the soiltooDo not return.I've always said that I hate mass consumption society,in additionbigIn chargethere was

but, I quit the music workAfter moving to New Zealand, minimize environmental loadhandLivingheightIt will behand, Self -contradiction was eliminated. This self -contradictionLarge luggage of the heartBy letting downStress disappears, Brain performance increasesSoMore than anything,every dayofHappinessWisenessbutHighWithThat is the biggestGiftsis not it.


-The luggage of the heart is something we have without knowing it. Is there anything that you are conscious of not holding your luggage in your heart, or even if you hold it?

every day,In my heartAre you lyingI am asking myself. myselfTolieButI just talkedlikebrainIt ’s a burdenBecausefor thatteeth,I'm alive nowwhatMost funmosquitowhatIs it comfortable?WhatImpressivevinegarCrawlI will ask.this isIWith the habit ofI did it since I was in elementary schooltreeMadid。 For example, I was playing baseballIn the pastIt was the moment I caught the ball with the bat core.To get that moment, put everything else later.

like thisBy knowing the voice of your heart and the true intentionsThe priority of life is clearCan live without blurringInvinegar.vice versa,thisAn essential questionWithoutaliveand,likebutNothingTo be against conscienceofUnknowinglydo itMushroomstomachMasu.

Thanks to this habit, it's importantOnCan concentrate on one pointBeI think that a minimal way of life is made. By the way, the difference between simple and minimal is that it is simplified.In terms ofThe lack of features, minimal is droppedResultbeoneIt refers to making the points stand out. In other words, minimalPrincipleThat's extra thing・ Minimize thingsdoBy maximizing important thingsvinegar. With this ideaIteeth,lifeI have designed


-The deciding your own axis allows you to live without taking extra choices or actions. That means that a virtuous cycle is born in both work and everyday.


4. "Know sufficiency" = If you realize that you can do it if you have this, true happiness and peace come

-In the current Kaku -san's lifeNagiePlease tell me how the product is snuggling.

myselfThemselvesTake careThe highest priority on doingLiveIf you were, minimalPrincipleOnClothescamein the first placePeople can live aloneI don't have itPartner and familyFriendsbutIs required. For myself, those peopleSeriouslyCherishIn order todo。 theFor a healthy community, you need a healthy country.Society andCommit to politics,Even if the community and the country can be healthyIf the earth is unhealthy, everything becomes meaningless.

In other words, what to value yourself isOthersIt is synonymous with cherishing the natural environment.Of course, the clothes you wear are very carefully selectedBangButNagieThe clothesfirstBecause the design is good and the recycle material is 100 %I am happy with my heart.and,It is the root of natural destructionMass -produced / mass consumption societyOnIn the method of "order production"ChallengenothingpostureOnSincerelyempathydoing


-Thank you very much. If people "too much work" is removed, the way of buying clothes will change, and a circulation will be good for both the global environment and society.NagieI also believe.

Humans and nature are originally slow,The current society isEverythingIs fast. Fast fashionbutTypicalbutBeautifulReturn everyone to slow valuesI want toI think.I was sincerestomachI order and orderhandFinally arrivedclothesand,Because it's cheapI bought itclothesAbsolutely if you ask which one you valueOnformeris。 SuchAestheticsofBe awkwardNagieteeth,businessUsedI think it is also a social activity.


-Finally, please tell us about Mr. Kakaku's future lifestyle.

I am environmental loadofExtremeControl minimalhandLivingMavinegaroftenIsn't it hardAndIt's stoicI will be toldbut,ExtremelystomachFun and feelingsstomachstomach.This is 99 % of human historyofWith natureLifeThe human who cameIt is the fundamental joy of.

Human happiness,incomeAnd property richnessbutOneBy crossing the lineSo stop there。 It's annual income2000Ten thousand yenthat's allandsaidHappiness peak at a place of millions of yen, not the storyHitThere is a statistics that no matter how much you earn or buy things, your happiness will not increase. Most of the Japanese have cleared their standardsvinegar

So far65If you travel in a country, Japan isThe most convenient in the worldinmonobutManyI'm good. And safeSafety。 NeverthelessHappiness is not high. Happiness will not rise from a certain placeOnmoreMake money moreI have to buyand, Lost people who should cherish and what to take care of,JapaneseteethOverworkMasu.This is happinessbutIt is a low cause.

vice versa, Really important people, to focus on important thingsMinimalOnWork,As you live,If you have thisIf you have this person, you areAliveBeAsKnow enoughBorderYou can get it. SoConceitIs "more and more"AnxietyNot impatiencePeacefulisSuch a thingYesNo, it doesn't cost money. butheartteethbe satisfied.

thisthingTo make as many people know as possibleI want to continue writingI think. Mass production / massThe day is coming from the earth to disappear from the earthHope