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NAGIE Journal Vol.9
Muneho Kobori
"Meitemi" Treasure is in your palm, not the outside world

No.8 Souho Kobori/ Enshu Tea College Society 13th Full Former Diet

For everyone who supports nagieSustainable lifeAn interview series to ask about. First9The time is from Sosho Kobori, a young female tea ceremony artist who is widely active in the theme of the fusion and development of "tea ceremony" and "sports".Sustainable lifeI will approach.


Mr. Kobori Muneho

Enshu Tea Colon sect 13 the former former daughter / Former Lacrosse Japan representative

Born in 1989. Enshu tea ceremony sect13The second daughter of Munemi Kobori, a former family. After graduating from Gakushuin University, she goes to the tea ceremony as a disciple. From elementary school to high school, she started Kendo, lacrosse from university2011YearU22Representation from Japan,2013She was elected to the Japanese national team. She is currently working on her own experience and is active in the theme of the fusion and development of her "tea ceremony" and "sports". She is a friendly character and she is attracting attention as a young female tea ceremony.



1. "I can shine myself because there is a basic" type "and a process to go to the goal."

-I have heard that the whole family was a home for sports, despite being a teahouse represented by Japan. Have you ever learned through such an environment through tea x sports?

Following the fundamental roots of my home, Kobori Enshu, the ancestor, is a samurai teaman. It may seem like tea and lacrosse, but sports are said to be the war, considering the ancestors who were samurai and teamen.DNAPerhaps he had a potentially fighting temperament. In addition, sports can only win or lose1Do you score a lot at the point?1Etc.2It is a world where the ranking and 〇 or × are very easy to understand. It was the best in Japan1Man,1You can only be a team, and everyone else is the loser.

However, in the world of tea ceremony, he says, "If you are full, you will be lacking." On the other hand, the moon the day before the full moon is the idea that it is almost full, full of life force, and powerful.

I think the appearance of athletes who work toward their goals, rather than pursuing only the ultimate "win", is beautiful. Of course, it's a harsh family for the result.


-In fact, both Kendo and Lacrosse have great results. Is there a mentality that is valued while working on sports?

This is also to communicate with the tea ceremony,MoldIt is the part. I think that if you wear the swing and practice many times, and first wear the basic type, you will be able to break the type, that is, your own way of hitting and shooting.

It is very important to have a type and place to return even when you fall into a slump. In the tea ceremony1from10The basic type has been decided, but this is important for me to expand the range of tea ceremony. Currently, we are collaborating with new things and different fields through the work of the tea ceremony, but we can do various challenges because there are solid and beautiful things called tea ceremony. Recently, it is often said in the freedom era, but if there is no base type, not limited to tea ceremony and sports, I think that it will not be free in an essential sense.


-What did you think that you have been lacrosse even after you become a member of society and the inner disciples of Enshu Tea Colon sect?

“There was a place to grow”. Since the sports of Lacrosse itself continued to change, I was able to realize my growth every day, even though I was hitting myself there and hitting the emotions of emotions while sought to win or lose.

Lacrosse was also a team sport, and the process of colliding with friends and the process of working together was enriched, and it was an irreplaceable base.


This year1He has retired from active duty in the moon. It would have been difficult to decide to retire once from the world of sports that created your own way of thinking and how to live....

I agree. Until now, I think that I can't grow unless I exceed last year, so I live in working adults.10I have been updating the year. At the beginning of this year, I seriously thought about being able to become myself more than last year with my physical strength, energy, and effort, but I felt it was difficult as it was now.100While I was not confident that I could exceed the percentage, I couldn't forgive the team with a halfway determination, and I wanted to expand the range of tea work.

I was able to do it because I had lacrosse, so until now it was a fulfilling day with Lacrosse, but in the future I would like to put a little another axis and get unprecedented encounters and challenges. thinking about.


2. Tea and tea rooms are small worlds that capture yourself and the real world

-Mr. Kobori was active from an early age, but how did you contact the tea ceremony in your childhood?

You were really free to live. I love sports, and I worked hard from elementary school to kendo and stayed outside the house. However, throughout the year, there were some kinds of events every month, such as the timing of the festival and the event of the family, and relatives gathered to go to tea. Wearing a kimono, helping you to carry sweets and tea, and talk together...

At that time, it was not so deep, but there was a tea room where you could feel the four seasons and Japanese culture, and the relatives had the opportunity to regain your knees and knees and regain your awareness of the Kobori family. I think it was a very valuable time.


-What do you learn and be cherished in the tea ceremony world from childhood to the present?

There are many, but we value the word "Ming Pearl". This word exactly means "the treasure is inside your palm, not the outside world."

Western food does not hold tableware, but you will receive tea in both palms. If you usually live, the grass next to you looks blue and you will only be worried about outside things that you don't have, but the important things are different, and in fact, the only small things you already have. It was the teaching of the tea ceremony that made me realize that it was an important treasure.


-Do the idea of ​​such tea ceremony also affects your daily life and Kobori's values?

I agree. I have a lot of matcha every day, not just lessons, but especially if I do it myself, my own heart will be projected on matcha. Through the handling of tools and works, my physical condition and mental situation appear in the bitterness of tea. Even the trivial shaking that you do not notice is shown like a mirror, so it looks like a natural barometer.

In front of the tea ceremony, everything is cleaned, expanded, and served tea from all closed places. When you come back, clean each one and close everything. There is a reasonable, lean, and a beautiful series of dots, but it is also reflected in everyday life.(father)I feel that.

Life itself is always calm, as in front of you, and treats each and every thing carefully. I myself often get busy in the real world, but I want to be able to live beautifully and carefully, as well as my family, as well as my family.



3. I want to expand Japanese culture and mentality through athletes x tea

-The Kobori has been studied from tea and sports,Athlete tea partyCould you tell me the starting start?

The experience of participating in the World Cup in Lacrosse is the start. He was prepared to carry the Hinomaru as a representative of Japan, but when he went to the tournament, he said that the overwhelming strength of the world player and the American player "USAThe pride and lacross of the country are penetrated as mentality and culture, looking at the dignified appearance wearing a uniform drawn on the chest, and the daily life of children in the local Canada running around with Lacrosse tools. I was overwhelmed by the situation.

I felt my little bitterness, but when I piggybacked with tea at my accommodation, many people were interested and listened to the story carefully. For the first time, I felt that everyone acknowledged myself as a Japanese and respected Japanese culture.

In this way, if people like athletes fighting on behalf of Japan can go out to the world not only in winning or losing, but also in Japanese culture, they will be a true Japanese national team....I thought.


-After that, the athlete will experience the tea ceremonyAthlete tea partyYou are expanding your activities, but what is tea for athletes?

I think athletes are the ultimate loneliness. Like the samurai, do you live or die if you go outside? When you go to the field, you may be injured and lose your life, and you may have to compete for regulars, as well as your teammates. For athletes who fight lonely in this way, I want them to be a place where the heart is relieved and restored.

Also, as I mentioned a little earlier, even if you try to dite in the same way every day, the results will change with a slight change in your physical condition and your mind, even if you try to dip the same in the same way. increase. The same is true for sports, the opponent, the field, and my condition, and you have to perform the same performance as practice.

In order to get the results you want with different conditions, you must always take a different approach according to the situation. I think that this kind of idea and the attitude of exploring various approaches can be used by tea ceremony and sports.


Four. Thinking about the story behind things and things in the background of things only in busy days

-In recently, you have been working to tell tea ceremony to a wider range of people.

From elementary school students in the lesson70To the generations, we will tell you the tea ceremony to a wider range of events. The age, social status, such as students, housewives, and managers, and the purpose of working on tea ceremony.

In busy days, I want to stop the time, forget the flow of time, feel the season, taste, smell, touch, sharpen my senses, and study to teach them overseas. Some people say. Those who are doing cosmetics -related work hit the door to learn aesthetics from traditional tea ceremony.


-What is the suggestion of tea ceremony for modern people who are busy with multitasking and information every day, causing various problems around the world?

The tea ceremony is full of compassion for things and people. The host will give the customer in front of the bowl, saying, "Please drink in the most beautiful place in the bowl." The guests pay the bowls to their bowls, saying, "Don't pollute the beautiful places," and have tea avoiding the front.

Also, in the tea roomI will have it firstIt's very goodThank you for the mealof3I value the greetings, but in share a certain amount of time, I am compassionate in these little words and movements so that I can spend each other comfortably.

Now that the world is in this situation, if you can accumulate one of these small compassions from everyday life, and you can have kindness to each other, I think it will be connected to a peaceful world. In addition, tea tools are not only the physical value of the itself, but more value in the story linked to it. The outer box is all written in the outer box at what, when, when, when, and who has been inherited by hand. I think that the idea of ​​what has been used for a long time, and the value of stories and meaningful things will give you a surprising suggestion in the modern age.


-NagieHowever, not only the clothes itself, but also the story until it is made, and the use of circulation after using it.

INagieI sympathized with the essence of such things. The tea ceremony is also inherited by nature by the people who play tea, those who make kimonos, those who write, the people who care for tools, and the people who play the role of each. I did it.

Recently, I felt that such things were getting less, but I am working to regain it.NagieI think. Speaking of recycling technology, it is the latest, but I sympathize with the essence of the original thing that exists, such as the use of things that have been circulating and the fact that everyone's hands are completed.

I would like to try that kind of thing, which combines the old mentality and the latest technology.


-Mr, Mr. Kobori, who is increasingly expanding his activities, is his future goals.NagieIs there anything you want to try with?

Recently, I would like to re -regard the athlete as a powerful person tomorrow, and tell not only athletes but also all the people who will give power tomorrow. I want to help me through the tea ceremony while exploring the form of a tea ceremony, not just the practice, because I am not a family.

Under such circumstances, as a tea ceremony uniformNagieI thought it would be nice to have a setup. Everybody is at a loss about the clothes at the time of tea, but it has the ease of movement that does not disturb the sitting sitting and both hands, so it blends into the formal scene.NagieClothes may be perfect for tea ceremony.