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NAGIE Journal Vol.10
Shota Yamada
One dimension is "light", and "loose" goes in the right direction by "loving".

No.10 Shota Yamada/ Athlete potter

For everyone who supports nagieSustainable lifeAn interview series to ask about. The tenth is Shota Yamada, who embodies the unique lifestyle as an athlete potter.Sustainable lifeI will approach.


Shota Yamada (Shota Yamada) Athlete's athlete potter.10He started pottery from the generation and made pottery in Tokyo. He learns the world of tea ceremony on the Enshu Ryu Tea Road. He produced a container centered on tea utensils, and held a solo exhibition at Ginza Yasuyama Gallery and a department store. He has a unique worldview that expresses the "beauty consciousness" that he felt through sports such as rugby, triathlon, and yoga.lululemonAs an ambassador, he is working to connect the world of sports and the world of art. He also holds solo exhibitions and tea ceremony overseas, such as France.

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1. The important thing is that you can relax and leave it, which brings out the biggest performance in you

・ Mr. Yamada, who has the only title of athlete potter, is what is the encounter with pottery and the reasons for continuing pottery so far and motivation?

The encounter with pottery was a high school class. The teacher at that time taught me carefully, so I woke up on the pottery. But since then he hasn't taught anyone, and has continued on his own.

I don't have the feeling that I'm working hard on pottery in myself, and I just continue because the comfort and feeling when I'm making it. Currently, we are also working on solo exhibitions, but the reason we have continued is the same as when we were in high school students, and what we had just been enjoyed and continued to be rated little by little, and it is getting bigger. It's a feeling.

In addition, the scenery drawn in the bowl I make is that the glaze flows along the vessel, and it depends on the strength of the fire of the Hon -yaki and the depth of the glaze, so that it has a strong scenery. The finished scenery varies depending on the viewer, and it looks like Mt. This is called the "world of view", but I feel the fun of pottery in this world view.


・ In addition to ceramics that have been continued since school days, you currently have one aspect as athlete such as triathlon and trail run. At first glance, I feel a completely different world, but do you notice or cherish them through these balance?

If you try to form a vessel while your emotions are waving, it will affect the soil. And even if you try to make a shape, you won't be able to do something good, and your body will be exhausted. The important thing in pottery isshaftIs to take. There is a center axis in the rodros, and when the center axis is firmly removed, it is so beautiful that the soil is not spinning. At that time, you can make it in a relaxed state without power, and it will be a very good work.

I think this is the point that leads to sports. For example, even when running, when running too much of your form, you get tired of your body and get tired, not a good performance. I feel that running in a comfortable and relaxed state will lead to the best results.

In both pottery and sports, I am prepared to take the axis firmly, and when I actually make a vessel or compete, I don't think about doing this or doing it well. I value the fact that it is "loose".


・ You have been employed after finishing your student life. He is still working as a company employee as well as athlete potter, but did he think that he would concentrate on pottery and athletes at that time?

For me, pottery was fun, so I didn't feel like doing it.2018I have been holding a solo exhibition since the year, but at that time I was both a full -time office worker and a potter. Currently, with the cooperation and support of the people of the company, "Cultural people×I work in a work style called "company employee". I started a solo exhibition2018Year and2019In the age of the year, the people around me often said, "Artist1If you do not make a book, you will not succeed. " I myself understood that the world of art, including pottery, was severe, so there were times when I was shaken by such words. However, when I thought calmly again, many people were working as an artist while working as an artist and working part -time to make a living, and I came to want to change such an environment.

Since then, the world I am looking at has a sense of "a world where no one has seen it yet", so I live with care of my axis and the environment.

・ As a company employee, as an athlete potter, we are progressing in a world that no one has seen, but are you thinking about future developments?

I live without a clear vision or goal. Therefore, it is not possible to see what is going on six months ahead. However, I think that it is not a "one -sided darkness", but "one dimension is light". Because it is fun and interesting to be invisible, and if you can see the tip, it will not be interesting. It's me40age,50If you can imagine what you are old, or if you make a vision, you can control yourself now. Controling yourself means that you will be powerful and you will not be able to perform good performance, so I value the "loose" in the flow at that time, and I will do my best for a moment and do my best. By doing so, I think that it will naturally go in a good direction.

3. I want to convey the richness of life surrounded by points

・ The current society is full of many things and thingsSdgsThere are various issues that must be worked on as earthlings, such as sustainable, but do you want to be told as an athlete potter in order to go in a better direction in the lives and global environments of people?

The splendor of one thing,1I want you to know the splendor of life surrounded by dotted goods. I am producing with the hope that those who choose their own work will connect the work to the grandchildren's generation. In order to connect to your grandchildren, you must be treated carefully. By showing more generations of us to treat things carefully to their children and their grandchildren, the children inherit and inherit their thoughts.

In this way, by using things for a long time, each person will use it for a long time, which will reduce wasted consumption and disposal. I feel that it is important to see the creator's face and the background and story of the creator as a characteristic that can be used for a long time. For example, for one bowl, you can see the face of the creator who made the bowl, for example, the content of conversation with the creator and the exciting emotion when you got it. Your everyday life will become richer.1I think that if you know the joy of life surrounded by dotted goods, it will lead to changes in people's choices and consumption habits.

NagieThrough the form of a limited order, we provide opportunities for customers to know the process and commitment until the clothes can be made, and that the clothes sold in mass production are not commonplace. from now on,NagieIs there anything you want to challenge with?

I always use Nagie's clothes in various places that I use on a daily basis. Recently, there are many opportunities to bring tea in casual places such as the summit and outdoors, so it has a tight silhouette and has ease and functionality from an athlete perspective.NagieI think the clothes are very easy to use, and other brands are not very distinctive. SoNagieI would like to do sporty events such as trail runs that make use of the characteristics of. After that, if you can make a product like a cloth that can be carried by wrapping a bowl that I made or wrapped by wrapping it, the story of giving a bowl to the customer is even better.1It may be a point.