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Both "Circulatory Society" aims! Visit the North Kyushu Hibiki factory of NAGIE's partner "Japan Environment Design"

No. 6

NAGIE Philosophy1"Recycling system RECYCLING SYSTEM(Aiming for the brand to circulate) "Japan Environmental Design Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Japan Environmental Design Co., Ltd. aimNagieFor the Japanese environmental design, it is a partner that entrusts recycling. this time,NagieMorchief of the model of the model to be an ambisador, Mr. Misaki, Mr. Misaki, and NewNagieApparel brand that agreed with the thoughts for circulation aiming forETré TOKYOCreative Director of "JunnaTogether, I visited the Kitakyushu Hibiki Factory of Japan Environmental Design in Fukuoka and Kitakyushu City. Mitsuhiko Iwatsu, Chairman of the Board of DirectorsNagieI am talking about the initiative.

Japan Environmental Design "Recycled Polyester Manufacturing Project" with Mid-World Technology

Japan's environmental design is a developed company with a "recycled polyester manufacturing business" with "Technology to make clothes from clothes". "Circulating everything" The company's Kitakyushu Hibiki plant is in the "Kitakyushu Eco Town" where companies and university research institutes aiming for a recycling society gather. We will deliver environmentally friendly clothes and change clothes that are no longer needed by using recycled materialsNagieIt is an important partner.

Do you know that mass production and mass disposal of clothes are connected to environmental pollution? About the annual in Japan30100 million clothes are produced, of which about half15100 million100Betail or more) is incinerated or landed.

One of the clues to solve this problem is about clothing60%Use the polyester used in. It is the Japanese environment design visited this time that has its reproduction technology. Collect unnecessary clothing, from which polyester fibers are degraded, decolorized and produced, and polyester resin, which is a raw material of polyester fibers, is produced again. "Chemical recycling" where very high technology is requiredWe are developing one of the world's leading technology to realize.

This is a sorting center that sorts the clothes recovered as resources according to the recycling method. About 40 tonnes of clothing are sorted by several staff members. After that, the sorted clothing is transported to the warehouse and waits when the polyester resin is reborn.

Most of them designed and built this large device produces regenerated polyester resin. Even if fibers other than polyester are mixed, there is a technique for resolving (decomposing) the polyester from there, and it is a major feature that the polyester can be extracted and regenerated from the clothing supplied with the button and fasteners.

A granular granular material like rice is a newly produced regenerated polyester resin. This resin200250Gram degree,Tshirt1It will be a fiber equivalent to a sheet.NagieThe items collected from the customer will also turn to this regenerated polyester resin.

The amount of waste from the fridge and television is about the annual amount of household appliances such as the refrigerator and television, amazing that everyone of the Ambassador was surprised.65There are no tons of clothing waste100It must be more than one ton. If you combine textile products such as curtains and carpets, the amount is200It is said to be tongues.

During the realization of environmentally friendly circulating society, a number of recycling laws such as home appliance recycling method (December 2001) and food recycling method (enforcement of Fund, 2001), fiber products are only discarded While being done, there is a current situation that has not reached the establishment of the law. Under such circumstances, the "recycled polyester production business" in Japan environment design is the industry leads to the fiber recycling pioneer.

Does the recycling of resources are also connected to "peace"? What can be done for future children

Container and packaging recycling method that collects and recovering dust from home and promotes recycling1995Year6Chairman of Iwatsu, who has made an effort to establish a monthly promulgation. Although it was possible to create fibers from the collected plastic bottle, and to wear it, it was faced with the end of incineration and landfill disposal when the clothes were unnecessary. Therefore, it is not a recycling that ends in one way, but it is said that it is interested in making a mechanism to "circulate" and "circulation".

The good part of "Technology to make clothes" should reduce CO2 emissions leading to global warming because they do not incinerate. And there are no new resources such as a large amount of water and oil. Polyester fiber is a raw material for oil (underground resources), but it can not be denied that there is a side that contains the vault in the world.

"I did not look for technology at home and abroad, so I found a friend who is working together and established a Japanese environment design to create technology development and work.10Even100Even1000Points can be recycled even at times. And because it does not use new resources, it aims to eliminate war and terrorism .... In fact, it is a factory of such a concept. "

Japan environmental design2015In the year, the time machine "Delorian", which fueled the dust that appears in the movie "Back to the Futa" series, performs an event that runs with biofuels generated from unnecessary clothing, and collects significant attention Yes. This event has been realized that the thought that the recycling of resources will lead to peace, it will look back to the Hollywood.

"What can I do for the future children? After all I want to survive this Earth. The most important thing is to create a recycling society," said the hot feelings.

Circulatory society that fulfills "recycling technology" and "fashion"

No matter how wonderful recycling technology, you can not make a cycle if you don't make a fashionable clothes that you can think of "Wear!" High design is accelerating the walk to the goal to be aimed. Iwamoto ChairmanNagieI am looking at the same direction.

"I would like to make it a flow that I was made of recycled material, not because it was a recycling material, so it's a recycling material. So" Recycling Technology "and" Fashion "are required. There are two of these two and the fashion industry I think that recycling goes. This issue can not be realized by one company, so it is important to join and disseminate and sending the powerful power. "(Iwamoto Chairman)

Through this visit, I felt that the feelings of all the feelings of NAGIE's "aiming to be circulating" and the ambassador who agree with it have become even more robust. Ibaraki, which is an integrated NAGIE, "I want to make a new natural, not a movement. Because the technology of the Japanese environmental design is not disconnected, I would like to work together from now on." Well, together, we communicated the thought as a partner aiming at the "circulating society".