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NAGIEジャーナルVol.6 <br>日本環境設計 <br>共に“循環型社会”を目指す!NAGIEのパートナー「日本環境設計」の北九州響灘工場を訪問

NAGIE Journal Vol.6
Japanese environment design
Both aim for a “recycling -type society”! Visit the Kitakyushu Hibiki Factory of NAGIE's partner "Japan Environmental Design"


Nagie's philosophy1"Recycling system(Aiming for a circulating brand) "cannot be achieved without the existence of Japan Environmental Design Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Japanese Environmental Design). aimNagieFor the Japanese environment design, it is a partner who entrusts recruitment. this time,NagieModel Kota Morohashi, Misaki Deoka, and newNagieApparel brand "" Apparel brand "Etré TokyoCreative director ofJunnaAlong with Mr., I visited the Kitakyushu Hibiki Hibiki Plant in Kitakyushu, Fukuoka. Michihiko Iwamoto, Chairman of the Director, the thought of launching a recycling business, high recycling technology, andNagieI am asking about the initiatives.

"Recycled polyester manufacturing business", which has one of the world's leading technologies

Japanese environment design is an advanced company with the pillar of the "Revitalization Polyester Manufacturing Business", which has the technology to make clothes from clothes. The Kitakyushu Hibiki Nada Plant, which has a vision of “circulating everything”, is located in the Kitakyushu Eco Town, where companies and university research institutes aiming for a recycling -oriented society gather. Deliver environmentally friendly clothes by using regeneration materials, and turn unnecessary clothes into re -resources.NagieIt is an important partner.

Did you know that mass production and mass disposal of clothes have led to environmental pollution? Approximately a year in Japan30Hundreds of millions of clothes are produced and about half of them15Hundreds of millions (100More than 10 tons) have been incinerated and landfilled.

One of the clues to solve this problem is about clothing60%Renewable polyester used. It is the Japanese environment design that we visited this time. Collected unnecessary clothing, decomposed polyester fibers from there, further bleached and produced, and produced polyester resin, a raw material for polyester fiber. "Chemical recycling" that requires very high technologyWe are developing one of the world's leading technology.

This is a sorting center that sort out clothing collected as resources according to the recycling method. We sort about 40 tons of clothing a month with multiple staff members. After that, the sorted clothing is transported to the warehouse and wait for the time to be reborn as polyester resin.

Most of this large device, designed and built by the company, creates a regenerated polyester resin. Even if fibers other than polyester are mixed, there is a technique to resolve (decompose) polyester from there, and it is a major feature that polyester can be extracted and regenerated from clothing that comes with buttons and zipperes.

A recycled polyester resin newly created from unnecessary clothes with granular grains like rice. This resin200250About gram,Tshirt1It seems to be a fiber equivalent to a piece.NagieThe items collected by customers will also turn to this regenerated polyester resin.

Ambassadors were surprised while listening to the story was that the amount of home appliances such as refrigerators and television was about a year.65While it is 10,000 tons, the amount of clothing is disposal of the year.100Make it more than 10 tons. When combined with textile products such as curtains and carpets, the amount is200It is said to be all tons.

In order to realize an environmentally friendly recycling -oriented society, the number of recycling methods such as the Home Appliance Recycling Law (enforced in April 2001) and the Food Recycling Law (enforced in May 2001) is enforced, and the fiber products are so large. Although it is said, there is a situation that has not reached the enactment of the law. Meanwhile, the Japanese environment -designed "Revitalization Polyester Manufacturing Project" is the leader in the industry as a pioneer in textile recycling.

Is the recycling of resources leading to "peace"? What you can do for future children

Containers and wrapping recycling methods that separate garbage from home and promote recycling.1995Year6Chairman Iwamoto said he was working hard to establish a monthly promulgation. Although it could be made from the collected plastic bottle and made it into clothes, when the clothes were no longer needed, we faced the end of the incineration and landfill. Therefore, it is said that he was interested in creating a mechanism that would "circulate" in two laps and three laps, rather than recycling one -way.

The good thing about "the technology to make clothes from clothes" is that it does not cause incineration to reduce the discharge of CO2, which leads to global warming. And there is no new resources such as large amounts of water and petroleum. Polyester fiber is a raw material for oil (underground resources), but it cannot be denied that underground resources have led to confusion in the world.

"I didn't look for technology in Japan and overseas, so I established a Japanese environment design to find a friend to work together and develop technical development and structure.10Even100Even1000The point is that you can recycle even times. And you can aim to eliminate wars and terrorism because they do not use new resources. Actually, it is a factory with this concept "(Chairman Iwamoto)

Japanese environment design2015The year, we held an event to run a bio -fuel -fuel -fuel -fuel -generated time machine with garbage that appears in the movie "Back to the Future" series with bio -fuel generated from unnecessary clothing, which has attracted a lot of attention. I did it. Mr. Iwamoto recalls that this event was realized because the recycling of resources could lead to peace of mind, but it was also transmitted to Hollywood.

"What can we do for the children of the future? I want to make this earth survive for a long time. The most important thing is to create a recycling society," he said.

A recycling -oriented society that fulfills with both wheels of "recycling technology" and "fashion"

No matter how wonderful the recycling technology is, cycle will not be born unless you make fashionable clothes that you want to wear! High design accelerates the steps to the goal to be aimed. Chairman IwamotoNagieI also look at the same direction.

"I don't want to buy it because it's a recycling material, but if I think it's wonderful, I want to make it made of recycling material. So I need both" recycling technology "and" fashion ". I think that recycling will be advanced. This task cannot be realized by one company, so it is important to communicate with everyone happily. "(Chairman Iwamoto).

Through this visit, I feel that NAGIE's desire to "a circulating brand" and the feelings of the ambassadors who agree with it have become even stronger. Ibaraki, who supervises NAGIE, says, "I want to create a new natural natural, not a movement. , Both conveyed their thoughts as a partner aiming for a "recycling society".

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