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NAGIE Journal Vol.7
Maeda Masago
The importance of "margin" that the top player of sports business has noticed


No.7 Maeda Masago/ Pro -athlete / Businessman

An interview series to ask everyone who supports Nagie about his sustainable life. In the sixth, we will approach the sustainable life of Maeda Maeda, who has two faces, an active athlete and a startup manager.


Maeda Masago

Ltd.ReviveRepresentative Director / American Football Team Obic Seagulls belonging

Up to high school, baseball is one, at a powerful school4He played an active part in hitting the number, and started American football after entering university. He has been in Japan for one year, Japan representative,U-19World selection.U-23In the World Championships, silver medals are also won. After graduating from university, a trading company that joined the company3He retired in the month and changed jobs to prudential life insurance. He was the youngest in history and won the President's Cup, but he was active.2018He retired in the year and Co., Ltd.ReviveEstablished. For Orbic Seagulls2016I belong to the year, active professional American football players and managers,2He continues to make a breakthrough with his foot shoes.


1. The motto is "make use of your strengths and make steady achievements."

I was a student when I was active as an American football and a top athlete in baseball. What did you feel and learn while facing sports and yourself?

For about 10 years since I started in the second grade of elementary school, I was a baseball player until I graduated from high school. The trigger may have been a parent, but I was able to express my abilities and I enjoyed the environment where it was recognized. I learned the pleasure of steadily accumulating successful experiences, such as hitting the fourth at a powerful school, scouting from a powerful university, who played well with good play. I wanted to take a new challenge from the university, so I started football. I chose a place where I could take advantage of my strengths and to achieve achievements. I think each person has a field where their abilities can be used, but for me it was American football.

-It is said to be from the university, but at the time, the leading team that was the largest in Japan.1It has been selected as a regular since the year and as a Japanese national team. What was the secret of becoming a top player right away?

First of all, I spent only the best people, looked at them, and imitated them thoroughly. And after all, I accurately recognized my strengths that I saw in it, and created a place to appeal to light persons with its strengths and efforts. Originally, it was not painful because it was an obedient sexuality of my growth desire. In a sense, it became an egoist thoroughly, and I passed as an individual, saying, "If Maeda plays an active part, the team can win." Anyone can be indispensable.

-It's wonderful. At first glance, it is a sailing athlete life, but was there any difficulty and suffering that hit through sports?

University4When I became a captain in my grade, I felt the difficulty of taking the team and taking the lead. I guess I couldn't understand the emotions and positions of people. Your standards for the technical level, the attitude towards American football and the high goals you are aiming for are natural. Motivation, play skills and strengths should be for each person, but I was asking people from the same perspective as myself. I think there are many things you can do if you return to that position now, but at that time your goals were the highest priority. It was only after I became a member of society who knew the fun of cooperating with people.

-He had been active as a top office worker even after the field moved to business, but how did he work and noticed the importance of coordination?

I wanted to be in a predence, as I would bounce to myself as much as I did, to be in an environment that grows, inspiring myself, and growing. at that time22He was the youngest at the age and had no market, but his experience as a top athlete was uselessly confident and pride. However, as I left my expectations and achievements far beyond my expectations, and in contact with my seniors who wanted the criteria, the pride was immediately dropped. It was hard, but not just tough,1on1A senior who is sure to raise it according to me. A culture that allows everyone to enhance each other regardless of seniors and juniors. It was a lot of fun that the skills as a businessman were guaranteed in this environment, and I was able to experience a different success from sports.


2. A thread that has been cut. The importance of the "margin" that I noticed.

-I think he was steadily accumulating a track record as a businessman, but what was the background of leaving the company and starting a business?

When the purpose of the prudence, such as "I want to grow up to me, I want to make money as a price," I suddenly stopped coming as if the thread was cut off. Suddenly, when I thought about what I was working for, there was nothing. Will I work in this way for the rest of my life? How do you want to live next time? I was half -depressed, but I faced myself, asked for advice from a trusted person, and continued to worry for a few months. I've been running for a long time, so it was a very hard time to stop and think, but without this margin, I wouldn't have been a chance to look back on my life. It was from that time that blindly came to pursue stoic growth or it wasn't a life.

-Did you start American football again or think about entrepreneurship?

I agree. The former Japanese national team, Kenyu Sugimoto, was a professional soccer player and his friend. At that time, he was a member of Kawasaki Frontale, and was consulted about having a place to challenge other than soccer and wanting to make money for his work. At that time, it was not an era when such players were still standing out, but I was inspired by that idea. Certainly, the athlete depends on the type of competition, but the income is affected by the achievements, and there is a risk that a player life will be suddenly cut off due to injuries. In addition, athletes can play an active part on the front line, and there are only a few people who can become a commentator or leader after retirement, and many people struggle to find a second career. So, first of all, I became an embodiment and launched a company called Revive, which set up a new athlete's new standard.

-At that time, your life base has been moved from Tokyo to Kamakura.

I moved to Kamakura when I had a little extra life style and work. Rather than through filters such as the title of work and material richness, it is a material that can be obtained from rabbits in contact with the people of Kamakura who can respect each other and recognize each other. In addition to richness, I can live while realizing the spiritual richness born from a certain kind of white. Compared to when I was busy in Tokyo, my life and clothes became simpler.

3. Simple, but pursuing the essence in thatNagieAnd the first of life2My way of life on the stage has synchronized. 

I liked clothes, so I originally bought it if I had something I wanted, and I had to throw it away if I didn't need it, but in Kamakura, I didn't care more than I needed in a good way. Before buying clothes, I started to think about the meaning of wearing clothes and the need for clothes for each situation. At that time, I knew Nagie through an acquaintance, and I liked the simple and functional design, and listened to the story and wanted to create a manufacturing and why I was doing this, and what kind of culture I would like to make. I was able to feel that. I felt that I was able to sympathize with both products and attitudes, and I felt that it was the perfect clothes for myself in the second stage as a businessman who lived with two faces, athletes and managers.

-Thank you. Finally, what Maeda -san wants to be cherished in the future, thenNagieIf you want to do it with you, please let me know.

What I want to value is very simple. To live honestly for yourself according to your heart. This will not change in the future, and I want my family and people around me to do so. Neither than that or below. I think nagie is important to what to convey through clothes, but I feel that it is easy to make a community of similar values ​​bigger because of brands and clothes. In a modern society where there are many people who are only chased by things in front of you or are in inferiority compared to others, it is not a material richness and evaluation from people, but it is obedient to your heart. I would like to be able to create a margin in my heart and preach the richness of the real life with Nagie.