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Like a Calm, Like You.

Like a calm, like you.

Like a Calm, Like You.

Like a calm, like you.


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About Our Technology

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Make people, global environment, and society "circulate"

Three philosophy

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Our Technology



Gently wrap my movement and lifestyle.



If you receive your order and the total number of orders reaches our company, the production of the product will begin.
If the number of production is not reached, the product will be automatically canceled and will not pay the fee.
(The production number is set not by the quantity for each size, but by the total number for each color.)
After the order period is over, we will send you the production start, and we will inform you of the production of the order of the order and the scheduled shipping time by e -mail.

Since it is produced by a limited order production system, we do not support return/exchange for customer reasons.
If you find a product inadequate (the product delivered is different from the order of your order, or a defect such as spots or tears), please contact us for the following. After confirming the contents, we will respond to replacement.

·order number
·Product name
・ Details of defective contents
・ Photos that understand the deficiencies

Please note that even if you return the product to us without inquiries in advance, we will not be able to respond to product exchange and refund.

After receiving the order email, it is possible to cancel and change only by the next day.
Inquiry pagePlease contact us for the return contents below.

·order number
·Product name

Please note that cancellations and changes cannot be accepted after the above deadline.

Nagie's Product Manufacturing

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We are currently accepting orders for the following periods.

The scheduled shipping date is scheduled for September 5th.

ORDER 2022/8/1 ~ 2022/8/15